Your Doctors Solutions to Skin Problems

Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon will definitely know how to deal withskin problems. Their goal would be to eliminate the common culprits. First, they will always say that you should never use anything heavy or greasy on your face. You wonder why it’s gotten worse when at home, you’re actually using pure vitamin E oil.

Then, they’ll also require that you go through some detective work. Some of these components may actually be hormonal or genetic in nature. Stress, insomnia, treatments, and some medicines can all knock your hormones out of whack and cause you to look beyond your actual age. When these experts want to get to the bottom of things, they’ll ask you to go through a test.

Before they work on your skin, they’ll apply an antibacterial agent all over your face. They will treat the entire zone and add prescription-strength ointments. If you’re scared about putting something on your sensitive skin, then leave it up to the doctor to do it for you.

That way, you know that someone with the right knowledge is working on you. If irritation occurs, they will opt for soothing treatments that restore the skin’s barrier.

Laser treatments seem to have become more and more popular these days. They are pricey, but they do kill unwanted bacteria and can put your oil glands to sleep for as long as six months. People go crazy for this and you have to think of it as an investment. Most of the time, there’s no pain, no recuperation, and after one visit, you see your skin clearing up for months at a time.

Yes, it is a lot to pay for clear skin, but you really do get to see a dramatic difference. And after that, you can go on with your activities with no insecurities. The maintenance falls on your shoulders. You need to live more responsibly or you will be required to visit the doctor once again real soon.

Another famous form of treatment is also what people call derma fillers. This helps you put an end to fine lines and wrinkles. Simultaneously, you also get to rule out the after effects of growing old. This fills up your gaunt-looking face.

As you age, you lose the baby fat, and you get thinner and paler once you’ve past the age of 40. Your doctor helps you attain glowing skin by filling up the hollowed corners and adding some color to your skin.

No matter what procedure you choose, post care is just as crucial. You need to slather on medication and stay out of the sun as much as possible. The UVA rays are your skin’s enemy, and as fun as it is to lie under the heat of the sun, you pay the price for it in the end.

Ask your doctor what is best for you and make sure that you follow the strict instructions. While you can never stop the clock from ticking, you can definitely slow down the effects of time on your face with basic skin care.

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