Why Older People Need Yoga

by Sue Bond
(St Pete’s Beach, Florida, USA)

Just because you’re past your prime doesn’t mean you need to stay homeand do nothing all day. In fact, the opposite is completely true. You should lead a more active life in order to enjoy your health more.

In fact, you should see to it that you exercise regularly to keep your body fit. Yes, older people have the right to enjoy a more active life. All they need to do is be more watchful of their diet and exercise.

A good exercise would be yoga. You need to make sure that your muscles are kept moving the same as anyone else or else you will lose your strength.

This type of exercise is good for you because it doesn’t put too much stress on your body. Nonetheless, the movements you will be asked to make enable you to stay strong and healthy, especially against diseases that come with aging.

You need to move around to get a feeling of well-being. To start off, you need to learn the various yoga stretches. You can start by deep breathing and counting to ten as you take in air to your lungs.

This helps bring fresh air to your brain. As you inhale, you need to slowly raise both hands into the air and hold that pose for 10 seconds.

Take deep breaths and work your neck muscles. For more of the movements, you need to get a book or a DVD so that you have something to guide you through the workout.

The point is, you need to focus on the different parts of your body. Make sure that you work all your muscles in the entire regimen. Yoga is beneficial for everybody, young and old alike. Yoga for the older people, in particular, offers a complete method of physical fitness. You will see a marked improvement on your strength and energy level.

So how exactly do you do this? You can concentrate on the basic principles of yoga. The more advanced stretches are for those who are used to the practice.

Unless you’ve been doing it for years, you must remember to take it slow or else you will strain your muscles and injure yourself. Yoga is actually perfect for the older generation because it requires a certain level of consciousness that only comes with age.

The exercise itself is mean to unite your body and spirit so you are more attuned to your health needs. You only gain a better perspective in life with age because it becomes more crucial for you at this point.

When you are young and immature, you just take life in stride. Experience will teach you that everything matters.

Back and joint pains, weak bones, cramps, osteoporosis, and decreased mobility are just some of the adverse side effects of someone who hasn’t put much importance on exercise.

When you drown yourself in inactivity, you will see a downward spiral in terms of health. The secret her is doing things gradually.

Pretty soon, you’ll see that you have stronger muscles and better circulation. Yoga is definitely one of the best activities for someone who wants to stay in shape despite old age.

Years of practice is not a requirement in order to bring together the benefits of yoga. Definitely turn to yoga, because it is not only good for your body, it is great for your soul as well.