When Food Becomes the Enemy!

by Hannah Ramirez
(London, UK)

Advertisements for food and exercise are shown on televisions and in magazines on a daily basis. These advertisements full of hypocrisy are not lost on most people who suffer from food disorders.

Food that is seen as a necessity for most people, is perceived as the enemy for others. Dieting is a choice for most people, but for people with Anorexia, it is an obsession. The relationship between food and a person with Anorexia is one of self denial. A person with Anorexia denies themselves the pleasures of eating food.

Most food for an Anorexic will taste bland and unappealing. They need this relationship in order to fulfill their goals of staying thin. Food for the Anorexic is seen as problematic because it is keeping them from maintaining the body structure that they desire. Instead of seeing food as a necessary evil, they just see it as evil.

People with Anorexia have a morbid fear of fat. In reality, a person with Anorexia can look emaciated, but through their eyes, they appear as fat.

Anorexia is a food disorder that is mostly found in women. Only ten to twenty percent of men suffer from Anorexia. Women who suffer from Anorexia can become amenorrheic, which means they cease to have a menstrual cycle.

Anorexia is also found in mostly Caucasian women compared to African women. Women who suffer from Anorexia mostly encounter the food disorder between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years of age. People who suffer from Anorexia have an excessive desire to achieve a certain body shape.

Refraining from different foods that are high in fat help them in their efforts to lose weight. Most people who suffer from Anorexia do not get the proper nutrition that a body needs. Starvation is the normal route that most Anorexic’s travel. The role of the media can play a large part in a person’s desire to stay thin. If a person does not have a strong sense of self, they can fall victim to the pressures of society.

The ideal body for most women with Anorexia is thin. Most models are below average weight, but people with Anorexia go even lower in weight. Their goal is not just to lose weight, but to keep losing weight pound per pound. They are never happy with the weight they have lost, and it is a constant battle to keep losing the weight until they end up emaciated.

Even when a person with Anorexia takes on the appearance of a walking skeleton, they are still not satisfied!