i have a real bad case of acne and pimples. i desperately want to achieve a clear and glowing tips. i tried all the remedies that various brands boast but nothing has worked for me yet. please tell me an easy and a natural remedy

My dear,

If you have a real bad case of pimples, i would suggest that you get the remedies fast, and don't experiment with your facial skin, natural remedies may have worked for some in some instances. The worst cases of acne and scarring or deep pits have been due to delay in treatment or treatment with various food products or natural remedies.. So be very careful and make a wise decision and seek professional help,afterall it is your face;

have seen patients with bad scarring and deep pits who delayed too long, that is the reason i am making this effort.

The following is just general advice:

I recommend that you consult with a dermatologist atleast once, if you already haven't, to make individual assessment and diagnose the type of your skin and the type of your acne, in order to effectively treat the acne and maintain proper care for your skin, since acne can always recur,and acne advice and treatment is different for each individual.

And what many patients regret afterwards(when not properly treated or there is a delay in treatment) is the post-inflammatory

changes of acne( such as dark or white discoloration of the skin, scarring and deep pits), since these are more difficult to treat. since these are more difficult to treat and patients exhaust their money,time and become depressed with the scarring and pits.

This is general advice and treatment:

— acne(zits,blackheads,white heads) usually occur in the teen years and in 20's.

— what to avoid : oily,fatty foods, sugary and starchy foods or beverages. Reduce tea,coffee.

Try to eat a healthy nutritiously balanced foods like vegetables, fruits with less sugar content.

Drink plenty of water. Diet plays an important role.

— Wash face at morning,evening and before bedtime with cold water, and after sweating. use only non-comedogenic, water-based and not oil-based gentle soaps aveeno,neutrogena,medimix. etc.

Use a mild face wash or medicated cleanser(seba-nil liquid cleanser) daily or twice daily reduces oiliness since it contains acetone.

—Avoid mositurizers or make-up for the face, since they can plug your pores and can cause acne.

–sulfur and resorcinol based products( acne-aid gel or clearasil medicated belmish cream)decreases


.—Never squeeze your zits, can cause infection, increase the scar and blemish formation.

—Do not keep touching the pimples, since it can promote bacterial growth.

—Do not apply food products to your pimples, since many times it can promote bacterial growth and hence act as a culture, the pimples may get worse, or when healed will cause scarring or deep pits.

— Always use gels(in the medicines that are used) over creams,lotions or ointments.

— Use over the counter benzoyl peroxide ( for acne ), apply it only on the zit at night, not on the entire face. (Persa-gel,clearasil are some brands)

— Use over the counter clindamycin gel daily over the face for 3 to 4 months, for preventing breakouts.

— Remember that acne treatment can take up to few months and hence one should not expect immediate results.

And even after treatment, the skin should be maintained.

— Try to get renova / retin-A from the dermatologist, helps in preventing blackheads and whiteheads from forming and it plays a role in reducing the oiliness of the skin and hence acne breakouts.

And also helps decrease the blemish formation.

— If the blackheads are in a area away from the acne, and your skin is not so sensitive, you can even use a gentle face scrub or peel to get rid of the blackheads, but be very gentle. ( MD skincare Alpha beta daily peel contains alpha hydroxy acid), this is exfoliative.

But be very very gentle with the scrubs.

—Ask the pharmacist if any doubt.

The information provided here is to direct the patient to the right provider and is not intended as a diagnostic or treatment measure by itself. So please be aware that a direct,one-to-one, consultation with a doctor is necessary for

appropriate & effective care.