What is Depression?

Around 10 to 15% of people will suffer from depression at some time in their life and it is more common in women than it is in men. It can be very difficult to live with a depressive disorder but there are treatments available and quite a lot of people successfully overcome depression.

Let’s take a closer look at what depression is and what are its symptoms.

What is depression?

Depression is an illness, one that can have devastating effects on a person’s life. When someone suffers from this illness they lose all interest and enjoyment in leisure activities, performance at work and in personal relationships. In some cases, all a person will want to do is stay in bed and sleep all day.

Everybody will feel depressed from time to time but a person with a depressive disorder feels this way all the time.

When you are feeling sad all day, every day, then this is when you know that you are suffering from depression and not just having a bad day.

What are depression symptoms?

Not everyone will experience the same symptoms or the same severity ofsymptoms, but if you are feeling a few of the symptoms below then you could be suffering from depression:

• Constantly feeling down
• Irritable
• Feelings of guilt
• Feeling helpless
• Feeling anxious
• Difficulty in concentrating
• Loss of interest in leisure activities
• Loss of interest in appearance
• Reduced appetite
• Difficulty sleeping
• Constant tiredness
• Want to stay in bed all day
• Lack of energy
• Headaches
• Changes in weight.

Some symptoms might present at the same time while others will develop over a period of time.

What depression is not!

Some people are ashamed of suffering from depression and some people who have never suffered from it don’t believe it is real, they think that it is all in your head and you need to snap out of it.

This is not true at all as this is definitely a real illness, so it is important to know that depression IS NOT:

• All in your mind
• A sign of weakness
• Something to feel ashamed of
• Something to feel guilty about.

This is an illness that can affect anyone and is often brought on following a stressful or traumatic period in a person’s life. It can also be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, which can be a result of long termstress, trauma and anxiety.

There is more to treating depression than just putting in an effort to snap out of it and start enjoying yourself. This is a real illness and is difficult to overcome when you are feeling too depressed to be able to pull yourself out of the black hole that has consumed you.

Due to a lack of understanding of depression, some people are too scared to talk about their depression to family or friends. But to overcome depression it is important to talk about your illness as the first step to overcoming this disorder is to admit that you do have an illness.

If you can’t talk to family or friends then talk to your doctor and they will be able to start you on treatment for your depression. A visit to your doctor is the first step on the road to recovery.

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