What Do Vegetarians Eat?

There are only a few basic rules that a vegetarian follows that are different than any other ordinary diet. Vegetarians do not eat meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or meat by-products. Research shows that vegetarians suffer less from high blood pressure, obesity, coronary heart disease and an array of diet related cancers.

Regardless of what a lot of people think, veggies are not the only thing that a vegetarian eats. Barbecues, pizzas, cakes, ice cream, breads and a host of many other selections make becoming a vegetarian very simple.

Becoming a popular cuisine in the 1960s, vegetarianism actually started many centuries ago. Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, was a vegetarian. This is probably why vegetarians were referred to as Pythagoreans up until the 1800s.

Sylvester Graham, the creator of the popular graham cracker, was a leading figure in Britain’s vegetarian movement. Susan B. Anthony and George Bernard Shaw were also noted vegetarians.

Not unlike many Asian cultures of cooking, learning to use spices and herbs in a delectable way in vegetarian cooking can add a pleasurable experience to the senses.

Six different tastes of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent, are all taken into account when Hindi chefs prepare one of their vegetarian masterpieces. Not only do they consider the sensuous taste and aroma but to their religion, this type of eating leads to a higher consciousness.

Eating out is not difficult with many restaurants offering wide menus of vegetarian dishes. Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, African and Greek cuisine is a few of the restaurants that cater to vegetarians.

Asian restaurants use very little meat to begin with and have proven to the biggest meat eaters that taste does not revolve around beef, pork and chicken but in the preparation using creative spices and natural additives. More American restaurants are also offering these types of recipes to attract the growing number of vegetarians.

Pancakes and waffles can be created in ways that you never dreamed with a basic sourdough starter and added fruits for flavor. Not all salads have to be bland and boring.

An original Greek salad made with green cabbage and bell peppers is truly a delight. Mexican food is another cuisine that focuses on the proteins and spices of a really tasty meal, not the meat content.

Whether your reasons for deciding on a vegetarian diet are for religious or health reasons, you will not be alone in your choice. Millions of people worldwide, feast on the delicious varieties of vegetarian meals due to years of studying nutritional values of vegetarian food and creative ways in which to prepare.

There are many cookbooks and groups who share vegetarianism. Let your body and taste buds decide if this type of cuisine is for you.