What Are the Different Types of Anxiety and Panic Disorders?

different types of panic attacksAnxiety is actually a common human ‘condition” that most of us experience on various occasions and to varying degrees throughout our lives. Most of us are able to deal with it in a healthy way and move on.

But chronic sufferers from anxiety orders and panic attacks become overwhelmed to the point where their quality of life, and almost every important facet of their life, is affected by this condition. This anxiety triggers such a level of stress that it actually disrupts the person’s potential to lead life in a normal way.

An anxiety disorder is regarded as a very serious mental illness. For those who suffer from anxiety disorders, stress and dread are constant and consuming companions, and can actually become quite devastating.

Some of the more common kinds of anxiety disorders include:

Panic disorder: Individuals with this particular problem experience feelings of panic and terror which could strike without warning, and repeatedly. Various other signs of a panic attack can include perspiring, chest pains, heart palpitations, feelings of choking or suffocating, which could make the individual believe that he or she is experiencing a heart attack or even “going insane.”

(OCD) Obsessive-compulsive disorder: People with Obsessive-compulsive disorder are overwhelmed by continuous thoughts or dread that make them perform specific rituals or habitual routines. The distressing thoughts are known as obsessions, and the repeated rituals are labeled compulsions. A good example is someone with an irrational and excessive phobia of germs who continuously scrubs their hands.

(PTSD) Post traumatic stress disorder: This disorder which can develop after a traumatic or distressing incident. For instance, a sexual or physical attack, the unforeseen death of a family member. People who have PTSD frequently have long term and terrifying thoughts and recollections of the event itself.

Social anxiety disorder: also known as social phobia. The stress frequently revolves around a dread of being judged by other people, or behaving in a manner that may cause total embarrassment or result in derision.

Specific phobias: This specific phobia is an extreme fear of a particular object or scenario, for example, fear of spiders or snakes, heights, or the irrational fear of flying. The degree of fear far outweighs the nature of the specific situation.

Generalized anxiety disorder: This particular condition concerns excessive, impractical concern and panic, even when there is little or no reason to provoke the anxiety.

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