Weight Loss Using the hCG Diet Plan by Dr Simeons

Dr. Simeons never saw the popularity of his hCG hormone research reach the heights that it is today. Dr. Simeons began research using hCG for weight loss in the 1950s and wrote a manuscript entitled, “Pounds and Inches.”

Documenting the protocol for hCG, Dr. Simeons’ research revealed astounding results after administering the hormone to obese Indian women and boys.

After some time of giving injections to the women and boys involved in the experiment, Dr. Simeons noted that significant amounts of weight were lost and the bodies of these people began to reshape naturally, without exercise or any effort on their parts.

Continuing with treatments of hCG, Dr. Simeons noted that weight maintenance after the injections were stopped, didn’t present a problem. The weight stayed off and the metabolism continued to burn fat calories at an effective rate.

This amazing weight loss breakthrough didn’t become popular right away. Most people are intimidated by giving or getting daily injections, and going to a doctor to get the shots was expensive.

But, when a synthetic hCG hormone was developed, the diet plan and hCG dosages became plausible.

When Kevin Trudeau, the controversial consumer advocate, became enamored with hCG, Dr. Simeons’ research came to light and Trudeau tried the weight loss plan using Dr. Simeons’ protocol for himself.

Trudeau found ways to tweak the diet so that it became easier to accomplish in today’s world of pre-packaged foods and over-the-top diet plans.

Trudeau’s protocol includes a cleansing procedure at the beginning of Phase 1, but Dr. Simeons’ original protocol didn’t call for that measure. Both protocols call for a couple of days of high caloric and fat intake, followed by an extremely low calorie diet plan – only 500 calories per day.

Both Trudeau and Dr. Simeons are specific about which foods you should eat on the diet phase of the weight loss plan. Trudeau found some ways to improve on the flavor of some of the bland offerings without compromising the calories or the nutrients of the foods.

With today’s protocol of hCG, Dr. Simeons would possibly be shocked and delighted that now there are pre-packaged hCG diet foods, measured to the exact proportions and recommended calorie count and shipped right to your home.

There are also salad dressings and seasonings you can purchase that will greatly enhance the flavor the food.

In further research of hCG, Dr. Simeons also reported in his manuscript that obesity was a problem that would continue and threaten our health as a population if a remedy wasn’t found.

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