Virus Conspiracies

HIV and Aids

Viruses are a kind of infectious agent with capability to only multiply inside a living cell. About five thousand viruses are presently known with their various forms in the millions. Virus infection cannot be controlled using antibiotics instead various antiviral drugs are “claimed” by the the huge pharmaceutical companies as being effective against them.

One well known virus is the HIV virus which Governments around the would will have you believe causes AIDS where our immune system turns very weak and exposes us to different infections as well as diseases which are life threatening. HIV is simply a harmless retro virus which doesn’t cause AIDS.

Quotes from the Experts

Dr Robert Willner

“HIV is one thousandth the size of a regular cell. HIV is simply a harmless piece of dead tissue, not unlike the numerous other retroviruses that exist in our body.”

Patrick Rattigan

“In Japan AIDS is virtually unknown, yet in random tests, 25% of people were found to be HIV positive.”

Dr Lawrence Bradford

“I am well convinced that HIV is harmless.”

Jad Adams

“Its not even probable, let alone scientifically proven, that HIV causes AIDS. If there is evidence, there should be scientific documents which demonstrate that fact. There are no such documents.”

Dr Fabio Franchi

“AIDS is not a disease at all, its a government program.”

Dr Val Turner

“A major problem with the new AIDS definition is that it ignores the man-made environmental causes of immune suppression. Exposure to toxins, alcoholism, heavy drug use or heavy antibiotic use all can cause onset of the list of diseases indicative of AIDS.”

“The HIV antibody tests do not detect a virus. They test for any antibodies that react with an assortment of proteins experts claim are specific to HIV. The fact is that an antibody test, even if repeated and found positive a thousand times, does not prove the presence of viral infection.”

New England Journal of Medicine

“Positive tests do not prove AIDS or pre AIDS disease status nor that these diseases will be acquired.”

Manufacturers of Western Blot HIV Test Kit

“In the general population, which the CDC estimates to have a prevalence of HIV infection of 0.006%, using a test with a specificity of 99%, the result is that 94% of all positives will be false positives.”

10 Reasons Why HIV doesn’t Cause AIDS

HIV is a harmless retro virus.

HIV does not kill the t-cells it affects.

HIV does not infect enough t-cells to cause AIDS.

HIV has no AIDS causing gene.

There is no such thing as a slow virus.

HIV is not a new virus so it would not cause a new epidemic.

HIV fails Koch’s postulates.

AIDS has remained in its original risk groups for many years.

International comparisons differ greatly.

AIDS occurs without HIV infection and most who are positive, never

develop AIDS.

Conspiracy Theories about HIV and AIDS

Some African activists believed that HIV and AIDS were developed as biological weapons to make the African race extinct by the developed world.

According to another conspiracy theory HIV was developed in military laboratories in the US and used to be tested on prisoners who were promised early release in return for being used as guinea pigs.

Some scientists believe that the virus has been genetically modified and developed in the US by the US Government. It was spread into the general population during experiments on Hepatitis B.

Conspiracy theories also exist which believe that defense contractors engineered the HIV AIDS virus on consent from the US government with the aim of bio warfare as well as population control.

HIV AIDS became an epidemic in many countries because of the mass vaccination project started by the US Government for the eradication of smallpox and conspiracy theories exist which state that these vaccines were laced with HIV.

There is another theory according to which oral polio vaccine included chimpanzee tissue which was contaminated with strains of SIV or the HIV equivalent in monkeys, simian immunodeficiency virus.

The spread of HIV occurred when the mass vaccination program was taken up on an experimental basis by Governments around the world.

Many scientists have tried to promote a theory according to which HIV is not responsible for AIDS and its instead a passenger virus only. According to them AIDS is caused because of other agents which are non infectious such as use of illegal drugs.

Swine Flu

Now that Big Pharma has made its profits and locked Nations into long term contracts for vaccines, the truth is starting to come out. Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, the president of the Council of Europe’s Health Commission, was interviewed about the links between Big Pharma, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Governments. Dr Wodarg discusses the fraud, the greed, and the risks placed on the populace in the travesty of the faked swine flu pandemic.

Bird Flu

The US Government is warning that a new avian super flu could kill nearly two million Americans. Mainstream media is parroting the paranoia. An entire industry has taken flight around the great bird flu fear, with everything from bird flu masks and respirators to guides on how to survive the coming plague being hawked to a terrified public. But there is no coming bird flu pandemic. It is a big lie being fed by the Government and big business.

Modified Military Viruses

Its believed that the US Military and possibly the UK Military over the years has been genetically modifying viruses to use as biological weapons and germ warfare, which is the deliberate use of disease causing biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or biological toxins, to kill or incapacitate humans, animals or plants as an act of war. Any of the strains developed by the US Military could have been released into the environment, so who knows what viruses are natural and which ones have been manipulated?

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