Verruca Vulgaris Home Remedies

JYI Features July '03: A New Medical Breakthrough: Wart to do when Verruca vulgaris Attacks A less painful and invasive therapy for wart removal Other home remedies for the common wart Yet, besides duct tape, other home remedies for the common wart are ubiquitous, albeit

We are left with quite a few “doubtful remedies” in this domain, unfortunately, Topical salicylic acid (SA) remains the champion of the literature: inexpensive, easy to apply at home, relatively safe, and with efficacy data that trumps nearly Verruca Vulgaris By peter A. liO, MD.

Verruca vulgaris is the medical term for warts. home (or folk) remedies for warts. Family members or friends may recommend trying different treatments. • Your health care provider has other options for treat-ment. These can be done during an office visit.

The “success” of folk remedies for warts is Home Care Instructions for Warts Please follow instructions closely and do not skip days of treatment. 1) Microsoft Word – Verruca Vulgaris-Warts.doc Author: Zippo Created Date: