Understanding Your Depression Through A Depression Test

One way to determine if you are suffering from depression is by taking a depression test. Though it is suggested that you see a doctor for this kind of test, there are depression tests you can now find online.

For a lot of people, taking the depression test at a doctor’s office can make them feel uneasy and stressed out. When taken online, it becomes more convenient,comfortable & relaxing!.

The depression test actually comprise of a series of questions about your present feelings, emotions, activities and routines.

It may ask you if you’ve been sad lately; if you’re no longer interested in the things that poked your interest before; if you haven’t been sleeping well for the past few days or weeks; if you’ve gained or lost weight all of a sudden and things like that.

The objective of the test is to check if you have the signs and symptomsof a person suffering from depression.

Since there are different types of depression, the test will only inform you if you are in that depressed state.

When it comes to which type of depression you have, this is something you may need to talk to an expert in this field about. Keep in mind that depression comes in different shapes and forms.

Each type of depression can showcase unique symptoms, causes and even effects. Knowing what depression type you have can greatly help you manage the symptoms and find the best treatment option available.

The types of depression include major depression, atypical depression, dysthymia and SAD or seasonal affective disorder. In a doctor’s office, they can provide you with the proper depression test to determine which type you are experiencing.

If you are suffering from major depression, you will showcase an inability to experience pleasure and enjoy life. Though the symptoms are constant, they may range from moderate to severe.

If you will ignore it, it may last for 6 months. There are people who only experience one depressive episode throughout their lifetime but there are those who experience recurring depressive episodes.

When it comes to atypical depression, you may project a specific symptom pattern such as a temporary mood lift as a response to positive events. After hearing the good news or going out with your friends, you’ll feel better already.

The downside about this kind of depression is the fact that it can backstab you. You can feel happy one moment and you can feel down again after a while.

You may also experience weight gain, excessive sleeping, increased appetite, sensitivity to rejection and that heavy feeling in the arms as well as in the legs.

For dysthymia or recurrent, mild depression, it is associated with feelings of moderate sadness for brief periods in time.

Though the symptoms are not as complex as major depression and they are brief episodes, the condition can last for years. This makes it hard for people to live their life to the fullest or even to remember their better times.

There are people who suffer from this type of depression and think that since they feel down most of the time; they think that it’s already who they are.

The good news is even if the symptoms can last for years undetected, once you determine you have it, it is treatable.

Have you ever noticed why books and even movies portray stormy weathers as well as winter with that air of sadness and gloom?

Scary movies even project characters walking in the middle of a snow-filled park feeling all alone, helpless and afraid. This is actually associated with a type of depression known as SAD or seasonal affective disorder.

People with this condition get depressed only during winter or fall seasons. It is actually common in younger people and those living in northern climates. It is also the reason why the percentage of suicide attempts and deaths are at its peak during these seasons.

Taking a depression test can help you determine if you are truly suffering from depression. The test can also help you know the type and the severity of your depressive state.

Through the test results, the doctor can then prescribe, advise or guide you through the necessary treatment options for your condition.

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