Twelve Healing Remedies for Your Medicine Cabinet

As most of us have experienced, the cause of illness and dis-ease in the physical body, at least in the Western world, is often left untreated, allowing for reoccurrences which seem to inevitably take place. When only the symptoms are treated with synthetically made drugs, healing does not really take place in the body. There are twelve healing remedies for the home medicine cabinet which can heal the body before it reaches the level of illness or dis-ease (Bach Center, 1997).

Causes of Illness and Dis-ease

Consider for a moment, the rings within the trunk of a tree. Within these rings can be seen everything that has ever happened to the tree in its growth which includes times of drought, infestation, flooding, lightning strikes, and so on. The tree shows the hardship of its growth in the rings.

Our bodies are much like the tree showing our life experiences as well, both inside and outside of our bodies. The hardship of our growth comes from our traumatic emotional experiences. These are what create the lines and wrinkles in our faces and/or the malfunctions within our physical bodies.

If we spend our lives being hurt by those we love, beginning from a young age, which could include the death of a family member, cruelty or abuse in a family setting, and/or repeated relationship failures, we do not forget these experiences easily. These scenarios create havoc within our emotions and cause us to build our lives accordingly.

Think of our subconscious mind as a never ending warehouse of file cabinets holding everything we have ever reacted to emotionally. In the example given above, our reaction may be to distance ourselves from those we love, or refuse to trust or open up to anyone, or remain alone and secluded to avoid more pain. Anytime we hear a similar story where we are reminded of our own trauma, we react emotionally, and the subconscious mind adds the event to the appropriate file. When the file becomes too full, physical illness and dis-ease will begin to show in the area of the heart, arms, breasts, lungs, ribs, and shoulders.

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach understood that the cause of illness needed to be treated from an emotional level before it reached a level of dis-ease within the body. He spent his life researching and developing Bach Flower remedies which would heal the emotional trauma within the body, thus preventing physical illness and dis-ease. Case studies proved the Bach Flower remedies worked quickly and efficiently without any unpleasant or harmful side effects.

The Twelve Healing Remedies

The original twelve Bach Flower remedies covered such issues as fear, lack of confidence, indecision, doubt, discouragement, inability to stay in the moment, loneliness, anxiety, oversensitivity, depression, despair, and the list continues. All of these issues create disharmony within the body (Bach Center, 1997).

  • Rock Rose: Used for fear in a person who experiences an accident or sudden illness.
  • Mimulus: Given for fear of things in every day life such as specific phobias.
  • Cerato: Offered when a person lacks self-confidence.
  • Scleranthus: Used for indecision.
  • Gentian: Given to those who are easily discouraged and disheartened.
  • Clematis: Offered to those who cannot seem to be happy in life and are unable to be thankful for what they have.
  • Water Violet: Used for aloofness or the constant need to be alone.
  • Impatiens: Given for lack of patience.
  • Acrimony: Offered to those who bear great troubles and are tormented, restless and constantly worried.
  • Centaury: Used when a person tends to give too much of themselves to others, forgetting to care for themselves.
  • Chicory: Given when a person needs to be in constant control of others.
  • Vervain: Offered when a person is unable to open their minds to the possibilities of differing opinions.

The Four Elements

Dr. Bach believed there were four necessary elements to using his Bach Flower remedies for them to be fully successful. A person needed to understand that he had the power to heal himself, that the illness or dis-ease was caused by disharmony, recognition that the discovery of the problem was necessary and, last, the need to eliminate the problem once it was determined (Bach Center, 1997).

By working with these four elements, a person could be given the Bach Flower remedies that were necessary to strengthen the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of his self, allowing healing to take place.

The Home Medicine Cabinet

There are 38 different Bach Flower remedies, each one offering up its own healing properties. A person could stock up with all 38, however, Dr. Bach had excellent results with the previously discussed twelve remedies, all of which would be extremely beneficial to have in a home medicine cabinet. Desiring to eliminate ailments before they begin is a noble goal. Actually healing ourselves is a dream come true.


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