Top Three Biblical Herbs for Healing and Health

There are many Bible herbs and foods Jesus ate, which are beneficial today as alternative natural remedies for preventing sickness and strengthening the immune system. God’s healing plants have been used throughout history for medicine, flavorings, sanitation, and religious ceremonies.

The top three biblical herbs and spices for healing and health are cinnamon, chicory, and hyssop. Modern-day versions of each exist; however, the precise offspring of several herbs, like hyssop, have never been determined. Many translators, theological authorities rather than botanists, labored on scriptural manuscripts, hence causing accurate identification of plant species to be perplexing.

Herbs from the Bible: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is identified by numerous names around the world: cannelle, yook gway, dhal cheene, and kurundu. No matter how this Bible herb is labeled, all agree its savoriness, pharmaceutical properties, and aroma make it the best-known of Bible plants and herbs.