Tips On Finding A Laser Eye Surgeon

So you want to have your vision corrected? One way is through laser eye surgery. But, before you have the procedure performed, you need to find a surgeon who is qualified to do it.

Your eyes are a precious commodity. We only get one set in this life. So, we want to take care of them as best we can. That means learning about the procedure first before any legwork is done.

* Read up on laser eye surgery – Learn the risks, benefits, cost and indications. From there you can formulate a list of questions to ask a possible surgeon before you go forward with the procedure.

* Go in for a free consultation – Most surgeons will allow this to get people in the door. Choose two or even three and see what they have to say about your eyes and whether you qualify for the procedure. See if all three doctors give the same answers to you for the type of procedure that they would perform.

* Ask for references – Any doctor worth his salt will gladly comply. He will be able to give you his credentials and also testimonials from satisfied patients. Also ask friends and family members who have had laser eye surgery who they would prefer to use. Inquire about how many of these procedures he has done before and the success rate.

* Check out the price – Each surgeon is different. Some will work with you on paying them and others will not. If more than one comes highly recommended, then price may be the deciding factor to break the tie.

* Look for friendly service – After all, you will be working with this clinic and the doctor for some time and you want to be assured that they will take your calls and get back to you as quickly as possible when you call. Customer service support goes a long way in making the sale.

* Check out the facility – Is the laser state-of-the-art? How many different laser eye surgical procedures can be performed there? Any clinic with outdated equipment or which doesn’t work with the latest in technology will be moved to the bottom of the list.

* Talk freely with the surgeon – Trust your instincts. We often know when someone or something is not right for us. If the vibe is good, then that surgeon remains a candidate. When you just don’t seem to click right away, it may be time to move on to the next person.

* Particulars of the procedure – Does the surgeon use blades or a bladeless system where the laser does all the work? If you have a preference, let him know. If he doesn’t operate that way, find someone who does.

When it comes to laser eye surgery it is not just about the procedure, but how comfortable you are with your surgeon and their practice. It is important to find a perfect fit before any surgery commences.

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