The Will to Survive

by Carol

If you tell yourself that you can get better, and set your mind to it, good things Will happen!

A few years back, my Mom (78 yrs old) had a major heart attack, and then a stroke on top of that. The doctors said she would not survive, to go ahead and call in the priest.

We did. We gave her the last rites, and said our goodbyes. She was conscious but unable to speak. I saw tears run down her face at the ceremony.

She had decided it was Not her time to go yet, and stubborn as she is, she fought with all she had.

After being in intensive care for months, she got well enough to go to a rehab to learn simple things like walking, talking, and every other basic function.
Now (7) years later, she lives a happy and active life.

But she never gave up, she told her mind that she could do it,and I think spiritually, and emotionally, healed herself.
I truly believe that if you continually tell yourself you will, then you Will.