The Pros & Cons Of Raw Food Diets

If you’ve been considering switching to a raw food diet for health, weight loss or any other reason, you should know the pros and cons. Raw food diets have numerous advantages and are generally good for you, but some aspects of following a raw food diet might harm your health and prove difficult to carry out.

Raw foodists are adamant that switching to a predominantly raw food diet can be more advantageous than ever imagined. Instant energy, beating chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases by boosting your immune system and possible healthy benefits toward beating Crohn’s Disease and cancer are just a few of the ways that raw foods can be a positive influence in your dietary life.

Most people follow raw food diets by supplementing their diets with 50% to 75% raw foods, but some brave souls choose to go all the way and change their diets to 100% raw foods. Also, many raw foodists will eat raw dairy products, eggs and even raw meat – but most who switch to raw foods don’t go that far.

Raw foodists claim that cooking destroys much of the vitamins and nutrients contained in food and that eating them raw is much better for you. However, eating nothing except cold and sometimes, non-descript, raw foods can seem bland for most of us.

The best way to go when considering raw food diets is to slowly add a number of raw foods that appeal to you and your diet plan. See how far you can go with it and how much it appeals to you. The health benefits can be a wonderful thing, but you should choose a plan that you can stick to for long term benefits.

You’re probably wondering if eating predominantly raw foods is generally better than cooked foods. The answer lies somewhere in between. Some proponents of cooking food say that raw food diets aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, citing that some foods actually become better for you after they’re cooked.

Also, there can be hazards in consuming raw dairy products, including eggs, and raw meat. Cooked food advocates also claim that cooked food is more easily digestible. That might be true, but it’s also true that cooking foods too much does destroy some valuable nutrients.

Lightly cooking most foods by simmering, sautéing, steaming, stir-frying or grilling makes them more digestible and helps make the foods more palatable. The best advice for those considering raw food diets is to try and be middle-of-the-road.

Recommended raw food diets abound on the Internet and you can adapt most any of them to your own likes and lifestyle. Try searching through the raw food Internet sites for ideas and recipes that will help you decide if a raw food diet is right for you.

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