The Link Between Passive Smoking & Mental Disorders

Smoking is not good for the health for there are many detrimental effects it can provide to the body. The problem is smoking is very addicting. For that reason, there are a lot of people who are being drawn into smoking; this is because of the nicotine content of the cigarette that is truly addictive.

Aside from that, cigarette is very affordable and it is legal that is why many people have an access to it. In addition to that, smoking is also being very common so young adults are being conscious and being drawn into that bad habit.

The saddest part of smoking is that not only the smokers are being affected by it. There are also bad effects for those people who are just there are inhaling the smoke of the smoker.

Well, they are called passive smokers and they are very prone to acquiring mental illnesses as the smokers do. And this is according from the study of Dr. Mark Hamer and his colleagues from the University College of London.

They have conducted the a survey called the Scottish Health Survey wherein they have studied 5560 non-smoking adults and 2595 smoking adults that have no history of any mental illnesses. Questionnaires regarding mental disorders are used to examine those people.

In addition to that, the researchers have also tracked the number of times those people have entered a mental hospital in six years and more. The kotinin levels in saliva are being determined from the smokers and nonsmokers. This kotinin is the resultant of the formation of nicotine in our body.

From the conducted research, it has been found out that 14.5 percent of those who have been examined were recorded to have experience mental disorders. Passive smokers were also found out to have a high chance of having mental disorder as compared to those that are not being exposed to kotinin.

From their timeline, there were 41 people who were hospitalized in mental institutions in the next six years. Smokers and passive smokers have been hospitalized due to depression, insanity, schizophrenia and other mental conditions.

There is also a research wherein it has been found out that there are data that said that tobacco can cause a negative mood among animals. In relation with the human being, it can be said that those result has a possible link between depression and smoking.

And according to that study, when those data (from the human and animals) are being correlated, it can be concluded that there is evidence on the relationship between mental health and nicotine.

Lastly, according to them, their study is the first one that indicate the possibility of the link between mental health and passive smoking wherein the sample involves is the general population.

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