The Innate Power of a Hug

Giz a Hug!

Giz a Hug!

The main belief in Kabbalah is that the entire humanity is made up of shards of one whole soul. This means that man shares a portion of something that is much bigger than they are.

What does this imply? It simply tells us that we are all connected in one way or another.

Believers of the law of attraction say that we are connected to each other biologically, to the world chemically, and to the universe atomically. Whatever our personal beliefs are, there is one thing that holds true, and that is we all live through the power of connection.

The problem now lies in the fact that most of us suppose that we should live apart from the rest. We may interact with other people on a daily basis, but at the end of the day, we choose to handle and face our problems all on our own.

Standing up for what we believe in and being accountable for the choices we make is an entirely good trait to have, but there’s a fine line between being courageous in standing up for ourselves and pushing people away simply because we don’t want to involve them in our personal issues.

Fact is, we need connections with other people, particularly with those who care for us. Even babies know this most basic need. Studies prove that babies who grow up with the power of touch become happier and healthier individuals.

As adults, we have to know the importance of human contact. A hug makes a world of difference in a person’s outlook in life. Hugs connect people beyond space and beyond time. With two arms wrapped around our body, friendships can deepen and become more meaningful.

Time and distance are immaterial when it comes to connection. Though hugs may not be as easy to do for some people, we have to know that touch is a part of our five senses.

A touch does not only serve our cognitive needs to familiarize ourselves more with the world, it also gives us a sense of having a richer experience in life. Touch therapists swear by it, saying that it also does wonders to our health.

The importance is, we need to know how to communicate with others beyond language. After all, words only go so far. Physical communication is way to send forth a message. With a mere embrace, we can tell people about what we really think of them.

The hypothalamic area of our brain will experience a reduction of activity. When stress is present in our lives, we need a way to relax. Whatever method you employ, there is no better cure for it than a hug.

So, if you find yourself in the crossroads of your life, seek out a friend or a family member. Ask for their comfort with the simple use of their two arms.

Wrap them around your waist and immediately feel the connection with another kindred soul. Try it and see for yourself just how powerful and miraculous this simple gesture can be.

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