The Herbal Remedies of the Humble Dandelion!

by Harriet Bond
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Most people consider the dandelion to a hardy weed that is difficult to get rid of, but serves no useful purpose except to attract bees and ants.

Nothing could be further from the truth, not only can every part of the dandelion except for the stem be eaten as food, but this “weed” also has great medicinal value.

Used for hundreds if not thousands of years by medicine men and those who practiced the art of natural healing the dandelion is a revered plant for use in herbal remedies for a number of disorders and health problems.

The leaves of the plant as well as the roots can be used to make a powerful diuretic that has been used for generation to help reduce edema that can lead to heart disease. The roots have also been use to detoxify the kidneys and to purify the blood. And eating dandelion greens can help in the treatment of anemia.

In addition when the leaves and roots are eaten early in the spring they contain mannitol which can be used to treat high blood pressure. The flowers when mixed with milk thistle can be used in a tonic, which is used to treat those with night vision problems.

This seemingly useful weed, has provided food in times when food has been scarce and the roots have even been used in place of coffee. The flowers of this plant can be steeped in boiling water and used as a tonic to help improve your vision at night while eating in salads made of the leaves of this plant in early spring with give you a ton of vitamins and minerals particularly iron and will also help rid you of excess water. Even the roots when dried continue to have diuretic properties.

So, the next time you see this golden headed plant growing in your yard and the urge to dismiss it as a simple weed think of all the benefits this plant has given to mankind over the generations and it’s many uses as an herbal remedy.

When you do that you will probably find yourself viewing the dandelion in a whole new light and seeing it not as a “weed” but one of the most well rounded medicinal plants of all time. There really is nothing simple about the dandelion as it can help you maintain your iron levels, treat edemaand high blood pressure and keep you from starving to death when you are hungry.