The Health Benefits of the Acai Berry

by Winnie Saunders
(San Diego, California, USA)

There are two main ‘markets’ that acai berry supplements are aimed at. There is the weight loss market (which deserves an article all to itself) and the health benefit market – those looking to tap into the Acai berry to gain boosts to their health.

So what health benefits can those who are using the acai berry supplements expect to gain from taking them? Are they real benefits, or just media spin and hype? Here we look at some of the best and most researched of the REAL acai berry health benefits.

The Health benefits of the Acai Berry:

* Slowing the aging process. This is achieved in two ways. Firstly the acai berries are rich in protein, vitamins & nutrients, things that the body (and especially the skin) needs to repair itself – and so reduce the visible impact of the damage aging does.

Also the acai berry is strong in antioxidants health benefits. These are important as they can bind with free radicals which cause DNA mutation, including aging and even cancer growth. By bonding with the free radicals they stop the damage they do, reducing the amount of age damage your skin receives & are a great help in the antiaging fight.

* Anti-Cancer. The research into the anti-cancer properties of the Acai berry is still ongoing, but it is very promising. This is based upon the above information as to the berry being rich in antioxidants which reduce the cancer causing free radical’s damage to the body. Research also suggests an ability to slow tumour growth in animals, but human testing is yet to take place.

* Weight loss. By increasing the energy that the body has, by providing protein to rebuild muscles, and by removing waste products from the digestive tract the acai berry is able to aid anyone in their weight loss goals.

* Reducing cholesterol. Research has shown the acai berry to be rich in plant sterols, a phyto-chemical which has been shown to help reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Research is being conducted to see if it works on human beings.