The Dire Effects Of Smoking

Smoking tobacco has been very popular for several centuries, even though there are many detrimental effects that have been published against smoking. In fact, each year, there are about 430,000 people who die because of the different smoking related diseases.

Even though that is the case; still, many teenagers begin to smoke daily, out of curiosity, peer pressure, and due to the influence of family. The hard part is when they become addicted to smoking, it is very difficult to quit. Once the habit is formed, there’s no turning back as they say.

Tobacco contains nicotine which is very addictive and the main reason why it is very difficult to quit smoking. However, do you know that our body has a natural defense mechanism against toxins?

Thus, for first-time smokers, they always feel pain, burning of the throat and lungs or even sickness. But as the mind and body become immune to the toxin brought on by smoking, the person continues to smoke just to feel normal.

At first, you will not notice the bad effects of smoking since all you feel is the good sensation associated with the nicotine.

However, it has been found out that over time, smokers may develop different health complications such as heart disease, emphysema, stroke, and numerous types of cancer, which includes bladder, lung, stomach and throat cancer. There is also a great risk of infections, for instance,bronchitis and pneumonia.

Aside from the long term health risks of smoking, you will also notice some immediate transformation of smokers. You can see that they have lost the glow of their skin.

Their skin often seems to have a pale or pasty appearance and most will develop facial wrinkles early in life – especially around the mouth. Many smokers experience discoloration of the teeth and gums, and watery, stingy and blinking eyes are often par for the course as well.

Unfortunately, cigarette and cigar smoke leaves an odor that is long-lasting. The truth is that smokers carry that smell with them. They develop bad breath. Their clothes and hair smells bad.

There are also times that even their skin smells bad. This is due to the residue of the cigar that doesn’t leave easily. In addition to that, smokers tend to become weaker because effects of smoking include decreased blood circulation, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath which impair their physical performance.

Moreover, there is also a risk of osteoporosis and other bone injuries because their bone density becomes lower.

The long lists of unfavorable effects of smoking don’t end here. Because based from various studies and research, many illnesses such as asthma, anxiety, colds, flu, tuberculosis, COPD, liver cancer, ulcer, cancer of the pancreas, kidney and colon, degenerative disk disease, impotence, infertility and a lot more are being attributed to smoking. In fact, when a person smokes the whole body is being affected, from head to feet, and skin to heart.