The Debate Between Modern Medicine And Herbal Remedies

herbal medicine

Around the world people are continuously relying on the power of medicine. We all want to make sure our loved ones are healthy, and refuse to believe that modern medicine could actually harm them. For years, modern medicine has ruled Western culture. It has become part of our customs as we continuously acquire medicine on a daily basis. From a simple dose of aspirin to more intense treatments like chemotherapy and daily medical visits, we cannot help but feel drawn to such assistance. After all, medicine has the ability to heal, fix, and alleviate problems that afflict billions of people each year. So why not jump on the bandwagon and hand over your life to modern medicine?

It is a known fact that we live in a fast paced world where immediate results are craved. If we are sick, we want to have a prescription within hours and medicine to cure us in a day or so. Due to the fact that the safety of medicine has always been around for us, it becomes a common theme to rely on such safe treatments. Since we know that there are medicines out there, we want the situation to be alleviated as soon as possible.

While there are those who are against modern medicine, it is clear that this type of medical treatment has come a long way. With hundreds of medicines dedicated to incurable illnesses, it is a miracle for some. We now finally have the opportunity to feel better, and know that there are things being done to help the sick. But with opportunity, comes a bitter battle. Due to the fact that the media is one of the largest outlets for the world, advertising has taken over modern medicine and has turned it into a dangerous spectacle.

We all see the commercials for sleeping pills, testimonials for cancer drugs, the suggestions for dieting. We become drawn into these safe treatments, because we are in desperate need for a cure. Unfortunately, this desperation often turns into blindness. We immediately run to our local pharmacy and pick up these pills, without taking a glance at the label or the warnings. The media has allowed us to believe every word they say, and in return, trust the FDA, the doctors who prescribe such medications, and the advertisements. After all, who would actually want to lie to us? Why would any loyal physician and medical companies do such a thing?

Astonishingly, our trust is feeding into the lies and helping such modern medicine suppliers become prosperous. Thousands of people die each year, just because the medicine they were taking was not as safe as people claimed. There are always problems with certain prescriptions on the markets, but many of these companies do not want to say anything. They write it off, pretend to not know the truth, and ship it out, because soon they will have enough money to forget. Due to their selfishness, modern medicine has become quite faulty in some aspects. It has forced us to question what medicines we are taking, and what effects they could actually have on us. Just because they are FDA approved, does not mean that they are 100% safe.

Although modern medicine is one of the largest industries in the world, it is not the only option. Herbal remedies and traditional medicine are also rising steadily, as it is more focused on herbs, safe nutrients and minerals that will not have hazardous effects on the body. With the ability to extract such benefits from plants, it is surprising that the majority of people do not want to stick to such safe routes. Unfortunately while herbal medicine can cure painful ailments, it may not be as effective for serious illnesses. Nevertheless, it is an alternative that people should seek out, if the illness is not life threatening. For many, it is more affordable, nicer to the body, and actually reduces the amount of side effects.

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