The Causes Of Hair Loss

Feeling upset about your current hair loss? It’s hard to be young and losing your hair. Hair gives you a sense of identity. It makes you feel like a beautiful woman, or a handsome man. Don’t give up – you aren’t alone.

If you’re wondering what the most common hair loss causes are forpremature hair loss, here are a few explanations:

Hair loss has been linked to extensive stress – death in families, illness in families, and so on.

Stress is just one of many things that can cause hair loss.

Many times, especially in America, our diets are not as well-rounded as they should be. Doctors have discovered that poor nutrition and an increase in fast-food fueled binges could affect hair loss.

Trauma has also been known to affect hair loss because it has an effect on the hormone levels in your body.

Trauma such as car accidents resulting in injury, fires destroying prized possessions, even something like identity theft can lead to stress, which in turn, leads to hair loss.

Medicine is also one of the most common hair loss causes. Hair loss is directly linked to medicines that may be used for things such as hyperuicemia (excess uric acid in the blood), or even anticoagulants.

If you take any of these types of medication and are experiencing hair loss, do not discontinue your usage – just consult your physician before you do anything. Whatever you do, don’t give up on your efforts.

Hair loss is very common and losing your hair doesn’t make you any less attractive to the people who matter most.

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