The Best Cholesterol Free Food For You

Is there such thing as cholesterol free food? Well, all foods contain calories. That we can be sure of.

In actual fact however, there is no completely cholesterol free food. Cholesterol free is simply a marketing term to describe food that is extremely low in cholesterol, or almost non-existent.

Cholesterol free food can be termed this way if it contains less than two milligrams or less of cholesterol per serving. The foods with this cholesterol free label much also not have more than two grams of saturated fat per serve.

Such foods that are considered to be cholesterol free according to these guidelines are oats, vegetables such as brussel sprouts and carrots, fruits such as pears and oranges, lean meats, fish, fat free dairy products, whole grain foods and dried beans and peas.

The above are just some of the foods that you can safely eat knowing they are almost cholesterol free. These foods can be used to cook up delicious meals and fortunately many of the foods are extremely filling, meaning you won’t be left craving for fatty snacks that will quickly skyrocket your cholesterol.

You should be very careful of what you eat if you are watching your cholesterol closely. Keep a look out that you don’t eat sugary cereals for breakfast. Replace these with oatmeal varieties instead.

Another hot spot for cholesterol sufferers is whether or not they should continue to use butter on their bread. Well, you certainly can!

There are now cholesterol lowering varieties of margarine and butter available. Some of these actually help in the absorption of cholesterol, so you should definitely give them a go.

Cholesterol free food does not have to be bland, as you have learnt. You can easily incorporate these foods into your cholesterol lowering diet and see impressive results.

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