The Benefits Of Using An Ab Shaper

Ab shapers work to isolate the abdominal muscles while providing support and comfort to the head and neck. An Ab shaper ,or ab rockers, as they are also sometimes called, can be an extremely useful tool in achieving various fitness goals. Abs are the one area everybody wants to tone and one of the hardest areas to precisely target, which is where the ab rocker comes into its own.


A flat, toned stomach is one of many people’s ultimate health and fitness goals. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to achieve that! Working against your own body weight, doing crunches or sit-ups is ok, but does not effectively isolate and target the abs. Ab shapers are designed to do just that – to blast your abs into the shape you want them. Exercising without support puts extra strain on the neck and head muscles, which means that each crunch fails to deliver full efficiency. Ab shapers deliver maximum effectiveness by guiding the body into the best crunch form, while supporting you where you need it.

The rocking arms fold in neatly on one another when not in use. The attached dorsal support mat can be rolled or folded in order to fit snugly in a corner of your home work-out space, or even the back of your closet – although you won’t be leaving it there for long once you experience first-hand the awesome ab-blasting workout from the ab shaper.


The user lies back with their head on the padded neck support. They then grasp the overhead handles and rock forward using sheer abdominal power alone. The curvature of the ab rocker has been finely calculated to deliver all the strain to your abs while allowing your head and neck to rest comfortably. For an extra-efficient work-out the ab rocker can be teamed up with a flex belt or other electrical muscle stimulator. While flex belts don’t require a single crunch, the ab shaper will deliver a big helping hand and pack an extra ab-blasting punch. This will ensure your abs are working 100% towards your goal of a flat, ripped new stomach.

Price and Extras

Retailing for around a puny $50, ab shapers are a part of your home gym which you can hardly afford to be without. Many come with an additional instructional DVD, packed with intense exercise ideas and regimens to take your daily workout program to the next level. Some include an additional floor mat. They are available from online stores and if you can’t wait for the home delivery, from many nationwide sporting goods stores.More information is available online, including demonstrational videos and exciting and powerful new ideas for incorporating the ab shaper into your exercise regime. You will no doubt also come across many positive reviews for ab shapers.


A cost-effective, efficient and powerful way to target your abs is missing from many people’s exercise programs. If you’ve been wondering why you just can’t seem to get the workout your abs need through standard crunches, the ab shaper is most probably the missing ingredient.