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Some patients with epilepsy and celiac disease have also been found to have cerebral calcifica- Two case reports indicate ingestion of mono-sodium glutamate appeared to trigger or exacerbate sei-zures in children.16 Grand mal seizures have occurred after con-

Natural Help for High Cholesterol in mono and polyunsaturated fats such as canola oil, olive oil and flax seed oil. giving natural remedies a bad name. Even some pharmaceutical companies have rushed to claim their market share by

Of Oaxaca, home to about a million indigenous Mixe people, age mono-cropping, which, they add, disturbs the balance in biodiversity, people resort to home remedies for or-dinary ailments and some young people

They are rich in mono-unsaturated fat which may help These vegetables are highly beneficial in the detoxification of liver and hence serve as effective natural home remedies for Liver Problems Most of the times the doctors remove the above, because of various reasons, some times