Skin Problems: Part 2 Homeopathic Remedies

Part 2 Healing Happens From the Inside to the Outside

Miracle skin creams and sliver bullets do not always clear up a skin condition is because the skin is an excretory organ. Upsetting the relationship that the skin has with our inner organs seems to be quite a problem according to practitioners of natural medicine. They say the body tips out the “rubbish” on the surface in order to relieve the load of vital organs within. For example, many patients admit to feeling better after a chest infection has subsided but complain of skin problems or dandruff thereafter.

A Homeopath will consider both the inner and outer conditions together with a mental picture to select a specific remedy. The body will react to it at many levels. The more potent or finer diluted the remedy the greater the reaction. Detoxification takes place as does a lot of elimination usually via the bowel, mucous membranes and also the skin. The healing process is completed by driving the illness all the way out; from the most vital organ which is considered to be the priority before it is tipped out onto the skin.

This indicates that you have put out the garbage! The reverse is also true. If you smear a cortisone cream over a bad patch of eczema you may find that ailments like asthma get worse! The scalp of a new born baby is often covered with a coating we call cradle cap. Some midwives will advise you not to remove it harshly or all at once. Breast milk is rich in colostrum, a substance that helps to build up immunity. The cradle cap will leave of its own accord and it usually does not return.

Your homeopath will be able to fine tune individual remedies to suit an exact symptom picture. They can help to deal with a child who has not recovered after vaccinations. Some forms of persistent eczema also called dermatitis can miraculously heal when the right remedy is used. But there are thousands to choose from and you need the right potency at each stage of the treatment under professional guidance.

The Bach Flower Remedies are Gentle and Reassuring

Gentle remedies to deal with emotional issues that tie in with skin problems are the Bach Flower Remedies. These innocent yet potent little brown bottles of drops work at a vibrational level for all manner of feelings that affect our health in many ways. It is difficult to understand how they work but people who use Rescue Remedy know that they do! Specific flower essences can be taken or applied to skin lesions.

  • Rescue remedy is the best known and will work for acute conditions.
  • Crab apple helps to detox the system, especially if there is pus present.
  • Holly can be used is the skin is red and angry and thereof, irritable.
  • Impatiens or agrimony is good for itchy conditions and a nervous, anxious constitution.
  • Larch helps for those who feel self conscious of their skin condition.
  • Walnut or beech are used if you are sensitive or allergic to substances.
  • Willow can be used if there is underlying bitterness or seething resentment.
  • Water violet is for the loners who shun company especially due to a skin problem.
  • Chestnut bud helps if the problem is chronic or recurring. (But needs supportive treatment.)
  • Gentian uplifts people who feel discouraged about the problem.

Tissue Salts That Help Skin Problems

When it comes to skin then sucking these little pills works like a miracle. The driving principle of this type of supplementation is to address the mineral deficiencies that manifest as health problems.

  • FERRUM PHOS: where there is redness, burning, pain and inflammation. Good for acute cases or flare ups. The patient may also be anaemic or feverish.
  • KALI MUR: eczema, shingles. Alternate with FERRUM PHOS when inflammation is present. A white coated tongue is a good indicator. It is also good for lumps or bumps under the surface of the skin.
  • KALI SULPH: is good for eruptions that have discharges are yellow or watery with peeling of the skin.
  • NAT MUR: eczema related to water imbalances such as excessive dryness or weepiness. The patient may have headaches, be bloated or constipated.
  • CALC PHOS: eczema and skin irritations with pimples on the face. Anaemia may be present. It helps clear up mystery flaky white patches on the cheeks.
  • CALC SULPH: helps to bring oxygen to congested areas that have pus and are scaly.
  • CALC FLUOUR: where skin is cracked, chapped , very wrinkly or hard and horny. It builds up collagen tissue and helps to promote elasticity.

Watch out for the tissue salt known as SILICEA. It draws out pus and is excellent for early stages of boils and pimples. But prolongued use can draw out foreign substances like prostheritic implants and pace makers! So as soon as the boil has come to a head and emptied we are advised to take CALC PHOS or KALI SULPH as these tissue salts help to clear up the mess and promote healing.

A helpful homeopathic remedy for all forms of acne and boils is derived from tin. It is called “stannum.” Some health shops and pharmacies provide homeopathic combination treatments for skin problems that work on the body as a whole. They are reasonably priced and have little or no side effects.

Some Skin Problems Have a Bacterial Gremlin

Homeopathy does not have all the answers. Some bacterial problems do need silver bullets like antibiotics and the sooner the better. In the case of impetigo, known as staphylococcus aureus the lesion is not a benign indicator that the body is healing itself. I remember a whole family suddenly all getting what their practitioner called “healing confirmations.” Even the farm workers were getting them! They all had to take antibiotics to deal with this infectious bacteria.

Rosaceae is another red and angry skin condition with a mysterious origin. Helicobacter pylori! No expensive cream will root it out because it co-conspirator lives inside the stomach. When stomach acid is not sufficiently intense it lays out the welcome mat for such bacterial infestation that also causes stomach ulcers. This is why tetracycline and other antibiotics work so well.

Herbal Helpers Work Within and Without

Calendula is a great skin doctor and there is a lot you can do with this miraculous herb. There are many herbal products available that contain calendula, aloe, centella and other naturally soothing herbs like lavender. Tea tree oil, oregano oil, colloidal sliver and bee propolis tincture are natural antimicrobial agents and can be used to treat minor infections. Consult a doctor if there is severe pus or large areas of necrosis (blackening) or skin ulceration. Poor circulation may be expressing itself on the skin!

They will not upset the inner healing process, especially if you also drink herbal teas and freshly made juices to help with detoxification. Your health shop will be happy to show you a good range of herbal skin products and nutritional supplements.

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