Simple Steps for Better Stress Management

different types of panic attacksEveryone has stress in today’s modern world and everyone has their own way of dealing with it. For some, stress can be overwhelming if too many external events happen all at once. Stressing events don’t have to be all negative either. Some events such as taking a higher position at work with more demanding responsibilities can be stressful even though the pay is more.

The sections below are some steps you can take to manage your stress. The steps that follow do not necessarily have to be followed in any sequence. In fact, they can sometimes be done concurrently.

Positive Self Talk

When you are stressed and feel as if you are coming apart, take a moment and tell yourself something positive. This is making an affirmation of who you are and it can help to deal with stress caused by emotions. You can even make a list to refer to at times of emotional stress and it can include points such as:

• I am in control of my reactions
• Life is too short to waste energy because of worry
• It is not as bad as I think it is
• This situation will pass
• I choose not to be weighed down by this
• I am doing my best and have to accept the outcome
• I choose to be relaxed right now

You can make whatever positive statements that will work for you and get your mind back on track. The important thing is that your self-affirmations must be positive. You can read them at the start of each day and even aloud if you must. Also, choose the ones you feel are most effective at relieving your stress.

Control Breathing

Controlling breathing is a basic form of releasing stress and can be done at any stage of a stressful ordeal. Those under stress have a tendency to hold their breath which does no good in relaxing. You start this by first putting the problem that is burdening you to the side for a few minutes. Basically, you are taking a break from your problem. This is also practiced in meditation.

During this time you are taking a break, inhale fully yet slowly and as deep as you can. If you want to close your eyes as they do in meditation then that’s fine. To pace yourself, you can count to five as you inhale and count to seven while you exhale. The practice of exhaling longer than inhaling helps to calm and soothe you. While exhaling, you can even picture the stressful problem that is heavy on you sailing away.

Take Action

One of the definitive aspects of stress is that a person believes they have no control of a situation. In fact, that loss of control is what contributes to the stress. While there are situations that are uncontrollable, everyone can still plan how they are going to control themselves. In controllable situations, everyone needs to make an action plan about how they are going to solve the problem. Either way, stress relief is helped by making a list of positive actions that you are going to take to attack the problem.

Here is an example of what might be on your list.

• The facts about the problem
• Your thoughts about the problem
• Any urgencies about the problem
• Alternative solutions to the problem
• How to adjust to a situation that cannot be changed
• The solution you will approach first
• To whom you can reach to for advice

It is important to look at the true facts about a problem and make sure that you are not making assumptions. By doing this, you can write down rational thoughts and not those made from emotions. Of course, if the problem has an urgent nature to it, you have put its demanding aspects as priority.

As mentioned before, not every problem has a solution to it so you must determine how to make adjustments to a situation that cannot be changed. For example, you might be in a situation where you and your spouse had to move in with in-laws because of a temporary financial setback. The solution is to take action to improve finances but during that time you have to learn how to live in harmony with your in-laws. It may require making sure that you and your spouse have dedicated time to be alone for instance.

Stress can be managed but it is important to get your breathing under control, lighten up on yourself, and make a plan of action to deal with it. Practicing these three steps together can get you well on your way to overcoming any stressful situation.