What Are The Signs Of High Blood Pressure?

What are the signs of high blood pressure? Read about how you can protect yourself from the dangers of this serious health problem – the answer may surprise you.

**High Blood Pressure Usually Has No Symptoms**

normal blood pressure reading - measuring blood pressure

 The only way to tell if you have high blood pressure is to get it checked regularly . You should consider doing this yourself at home too if you are over 50.

Definition of High Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is measured by two numbers – the systolic and diastolic pressures which are the maximum and minimum pressures at which the heart contracts and relaxes.

Generally a reading of 140/90 would be the point at which we should be concerned, but for people with certain health issues it would be 130/80.

To be diagnosed as having high blood pressure, or hypertension (which means the same thing), you would need to have several consistently high readings taken when you’re relaxed as readings can naturally vary throughout the day anyway.

Check out what a normal blood pressure reading is if you’re not sure.

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure

The greatest danger is that you don’t know you have it! Quietly working away behind the scenes it will be causing complications that could disable or even threaten your life.

Damage to your arteries from hypertension can cause or lead to:-

  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases – heart attack, stroke or aneurisym.
  • Kidney damage.
  • Is linked to some forms of dementia.

normal blood pressure reading - measuring blood pressure
What Causes High Blood Pressure

There 90% of people there are no known causes of hypertension. It could be caused by a number of lifestyle factors within your control and then underlying causes beyond it.

Within your control:-

  • Smoking.
  • Lack of physical activity (a sedentary lifestyle).
  • Obesity.
  • An unhealthy diet.
  • Excess alcohol.

Beyond your control:-

  • A strong family history.
  • An early menopause in women.
  • Age. The older you become the greater the risk.
  • Ethnic origin: people from African-Caribbean and South Asian communities are at greater risk than other people of high blood pressure.

You could say this latter group fall into the ‘reasons’ category rather than causes of hypertension.

Now we know there are unlikely to be any signs of high blood pressure, but we do know what can contribute to it. Once again it’s time to act, and look at our lifestyle and diet – Yep, it’s down to following healthy eating guidelines and checking out some other good reasons to exercise. This is a silent killer, don’t let it get you or your loved ones!

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