Side Effects of Fish Oil

by Caroline

Are there any side effects of fish oil is a question that is often asked as Omega 3 fish oil is so highly recommended for health conditions – particularly depression.

As when taking any supplement you should always make sure you are buying a top quality product and you take it in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Before taking omega 3 fish oil or any supplement, you should always check with your doctor if you are already taking medication, especially any drugs that thin the blood, as it does thin the blood very slightly.

Some press reports have stated that fish oil contains high levels of toxins, including mercury, dioxins and PCBs. Look for a product that has been filtered to pharmaceutical standard, distilled and states the source, then you should have no concerns about toxins.

Make sure you receive the greatest benefit per capsule by choosing a brand that provides high levels of both EPA AND DHA that meet your requirements in the minimum number of capsules.

In conclusion I would say that the benefits far out weigh the side effects as anyone with depression will tell you, me included. The only side effect that I’ve personally heard reported is a fishy after taste.