Saffron Extract and its Benefits for Weight Loss

Weight Loss HypnosisWeight loss is difficult because there are so many natural processes plus emotional highs and lows that work against it. Saffron extract is one herbal supplement that shows much promise for those trying to lose weight. Here are some of the benefits that this supplement has shown for those endeavoring to lose a few pounds.

The Source of Saffron Extract

The source of saffron extract is a flower known as the Crocus Sativus (also known as Saffron Crocus). Its fame comes from its use throughout the centuries as a spice and as a coloring agent. It is believed to be originally from either Greece or Southeast Asia and later imported into North America.

The Beneficial Properties of Saffron Extract

Beyond its use as a product to spice up and color food, Saffron has healthy properties that promote weight loss and help to alleviate other health conditions. These include:

• Promoting production of serotonin
• Treating depression
• Decreasing hunger
• Curbing emotional eating
• Increasing energy
• Having antioxidant properties
• Having other health benefits
• Being safe to use

The overall way that saffron extract helps with weight loss is by calming the body. It does this by boosting the production of serotonin which is a hormone that is very important in controlling mood. Medications that are used to treat depression work by changing serotonin levels to uplift a person’s mood. Saffron extract works in a similar way.

When a person suffers from depression, one of the responses to a blue mood is to gorge on favorite foods. These are usually not healthy foods either. For example, sugar can have a calming effect on a person but it is not something that you should eat too much of. The depressed person deals with the blue mood by eating these comfort foods. Take away the depression with saffron extract and there is less need to find relief by overeating.

In addition to providing relief from depression, saffron extract also noticeably decreases hunger. This makes the extract very effective when trying to lose weight. Losing weight would be relatively simple if it wasn’t for the overwhelming hunger a person feels when trying to do so. Exercise is part of losing weight but even that can increase a person’s hunger. Saffron extract curbs a person’s hunger so less is eaten thus reducing daily caloric intake and eventually realizing weight loss.

Many who have taken saffron have reported that their energy levels increased. Saffron may not have a direct effect on energy however this increase is more than likely the result of the supplement’s anti-depressant properties. With increased energy, a person is more likely to exercise and stay active which is also beneficial for weight loss.

Any supplement with antioxidant properties is important for helping to prevent the onset of cancer or other serious diseases. Antioxidants fight against free radicals which do damage to healthy tissue cells that could lead to cancer. In addition to antioxidant properties, saffron extract is also noted as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent.

Other health benefits of saffron include relief from insomnia, coughing, and asthma. It is also useful as an agent to prevent atherosclerosis thus promoting heart health.

Saffron extract is also safe with no side effects as long as you don’t exceed 350 mg per day. If you exceed this level, there could be some toxic effects and pregnant women should not take it at all.

Those trying to lose weight fight with hunger and sometimes lose the fight because the sensation is so overwhelming. Then, there are those who have a bout of depression while trying to lose weight and overeat to calm their mood. Saffron extract has the main benefits of addressing both of these problems. Check with your local natural and herbal remedies store and pick up this important supplement for weight loss today.