Root of Wild Burdock For Acne

Acne is a common skin problem for teenagers, women and even older adults. It is characterized by small, red spots and blemishes on the face, and can sometimes develop into a pustule or infected skin abscess, especially when the individual has a weak immune system. Usually, the appearance of acne on the face, and sometimes in the neck, arms, or back, is caused by increased activity of sebaceous glands. This is especially true among teenagers who are undergoing puberty as a result of increased hormonal activity.

Some women who are undergoing their menstrual cycle also suffer from the effect of acne, due to increased hormonal levels in the body. Besides imbalances in the body’s chemistry, acne can also be exacerbated by the lack of proper nourishment, especially vitamins and minerals. Thus, having a well-balanced diet is important in order to control the appearance of pimples and acne. For example, vitamin E does wonders on the skin. It helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and delays the aging process. The same also works for Vitamin A, in addition to aiding the absorption of Vitamin E in the blood. Minerals like magnesium and selenium also maintains the skin’s youthful looking appearance, but such minerals should be taken in small doses.

Recently, a new herbal remedy has been introduced to help cleanse the skin and decrease red spots and blemishes. Burdock root is both a vegetable and an herbal plant which can be harvested during the fall and winter season in places in North America. The roots had to be harvested from burdock plants that appear to have young, fresh and green leaves. In Japan and parts of Eastern Asia, Burdock root is known as gobo, and is readily available in the markets or grocery stores. Asians can eat the gobo as raw or cooked. In addition to its dermatological properties, Burdock root is known to cleanse the blood with harmful and toxic chemicals. It purges toxins from the body, especially harmful chemicals resulting from polluted environments, heavy metals like mercury and arsenic, and microorganisms such as bacterial and viral infections.

When sliced and dried, Burdock root can be combined with tea and drank for its medicinal properties. It can also be turned into a fruit juice, mixed with apples or lemon, for a more tasty drink. About thirty daily doses of Burdock root just might do the trick for your acne problems. For severe acne, Ansr solution might provide just the ‘ansr’ you need to treat your skin problems.