Remedies and Treatments to Help You Stop Snoring

Most people snore at some point during their lives. It can be unavoidable for many reasons including a really good deep sleep, sleeping on your back, one too many drinks or even changing health reasons such as weight gain and aging. Knowing this does sometimes help you to cope with your snoring or the snoring of your partner or other family members. However, being curious and hoping to discover why do people snore can be helpful in finding the best home remedy or treatments required to help stop the snoring.

Lifestyle Changes to Stop Snoring

Making all or some of these lifestyle changes can help you stop snoring:

• Quitting Smoking

• Lose at least 10 percent of your body weight if you are overweight

• Exercise everyday if you are inactive

• Cut out Drugs and Alcohol

• Have a Sleep Routine with your partner

Bed Time Remedies

There are many good old fashioned remedies that have been used at bedtime to help with snoring. Sleeping propped up with more pillows or by putting your bed on an angle by raising it at the head can work wonders. Shaking or nudging your partner when they snore will make them change positions which often stops the snoring. Strange but true, sewing a tennis ball into the neck of a snorer’s pajamas will keep them from sleeping on their back which commonly causes snoring. In fact, all of these remedies work well for those who sleep on their back.

Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies that work well. Gargling with peppermint oil and water can shrink the lining of the nose and throat. A quick gargle before bed will do the trick. Dust can be a real culprit for allergies and nasal congestion and vacuuming as well as changing the sheets and dusting can help remove allergens from the bedroom. Try using a product called Snore Zip. It is a natural oral spray and can work well if you have sinus and nasal issues as it helps break up mucous while increasing the flow of oxygen for a good night’s sleep. Humidifiers and vaporisers work well as they can help keep the air moist to ease breathing.


For allergy sufferers as well as those with congestion issues taking a decongestant before bed can help. This can sometimes back fire as it can cause a deeper sleep which can lead to snoring. There are also many medications that can cause snoring. Check with your pharmacist or doctor to see if any of the medications you are using can be at fault.


There are also a number of apparatus you can purchase to wear at night to assist in stopping snoring including:

Neck Braces: A soft neck brace can help those with nasal issues but they can be uncomfortable for sleeping.

Mouthpieces: There are many mouthpieces available on the market such as Vital Sleep Stop Snoring, SnoreRx, ZQuiet and Good Morning Snore Solution.

Straps: My Snoring Solution is a comfortable solution for better sleep without snoring and is ideal if you are prone to sleeping with your mouth open.

Nasal Strips: Nasal strips open the passages of the nose for easier breathing.

Exercises: Exercise programs designed to assist those who snore such as Stop Snoring Tonight provides you with a series of exercises for a perfectly natural, non-invasive solution without the use of drugs or an apparatus.

As you can see there are many treatments and remedies available to help you or your partner stop snoring. You can work together to find the option that is the most comfortable as well as the most effective. For more information on how to stop snoring go to