Quit Smoking NOW Because It Accelerates Aging

We all know that smoking is not good for our health. It has been proven that smoking cigarettes can have many negative effects, the long term results can include lung cancer, stroke and even death. Moreover, smoking cigarette is also associated with aging.

Studies show that smoking can make people look older than their age. So a thirty years old person may look like in the forties or fifties if he is smoking.

For that and other reasons, it is very important to quit smoking. You will experience many good effects on your body. Your risk to having terminal diseases such as cancer will be lowered.

Thus, you will likely live longer. Moreover, as you live longer, you will look younger and more beautiful. So, quitting smoking is indeed the best course of action.

The problem is quitting smoking is not that easy. It cannot be done in an instant. The truth is that abruptly quitting from smoking can cause serious problems to your health. So, it is advisable to take the process in a slowly but surely manner.

At first, think of a reasonable date on when you wish to quit smoking. Based from that, you should draw plans that allow you to quit smoking slowly and you should stick with those plans.

So, slowly decrease the amount of cigarettes that you smoke per day. For example, you smoke twenty sticks of cigarette per day.

For the first three days of your action plan, continue smoking that number of sticks. Then gradually decrease it to nineteen sticks, down to fifteen until there’s a point that you don’t smoke anymore.

Moreover, engaging in an active lifestyle will be of help too in quitting smoking. So, engage into sports and be active.

Walk and jog regularly since exercises can help you to relax which eventually can also help you to quit smoking cigarettes. Staying active helps to keep your mind off cigarettes and it helps to keep off any extra pounds you may add.

The fact is that many people gain a few pounds when they quit smoking because they replace the cigarettes with something else. In many cases the ‘something else’ is eating. By using the strategy defined you will have a jump start to defend yourself against that dilemma.

However, in times that you keep yourself busy, you should be reminded to stay away from your usual hang out places. If you used to go to a certain café after going to the gym, then you should consider other places to go after your workout.

This is because your old habits will prevail. You will remember that you used to smoke in that area, so you will be tempted to smoke. So changing your routine for a while is a good trick that can be of help to successfully quit smoking.

Lastly, reward yourself for every milestone that you have reached.Reward systems are very effective and it can help you succeed. So, from time to time, you can treat yourself into a sumptuous meal or a trip to the spa for your little steps toward quitting smoking.

After you have successfully quit, then give yourself an ultimate rewardlike a vacation or a new gadget. This can help you to be motivated and to continue your quest to quit smoking and be younger looking.

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