Preventive Home Remedies to Stay Healthy and Happy

The health care debate and recent economic slump is causing the under insured and uninsured to consider using home remedies for their pains and ailments. If you fit into this category or if you just simply want to be a bit more pro-active concerning your health, there are a number of preventive home remedies for the most common ailments.

Should you try a home remedy or two you may be surprised when you realize that you may have avoided a trip to the doctor and the extra cost that comes with it.

Below you will find a list of a number of the most frequent and easy to treat complications that people are facing in addition to some home remedies that are easy to use.

1. Allergies:

Allergies are troublesome and your home is the place that you want to have to put up with this menace. There are a number of steps you can take to safeguard yourself.

Dusting and vacuuming will stir up a good amount of dust, so try to refrain from this chore if at all possible. Change out the filters in your furnace regularly and keep clean bedding on your bed. You may want to consider replacing the carpet with tile or wood and the pets may have to stay outside or least out of the bedroom.

2. Heartburn:

Evaluating the food you eat is the first thing you need to do to tackle this problem. Carbonated beverages, acidic foods, spicy foods, and foods with a high fat content are the most common factors for heartburn. You should try eating smaller meals through the day, exercise, and lose some weight if need be.

Drinking a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a little water is one of several home remedies that will provide some instant relief from heartburn.

3. Fatigue:

People who constantly tend to feel fatigued or lacking energy may be turning to a type of drug, whether it be coffee, an energy drink, or some pills purchased over the counter. A more natural approach to this problem would be to get an adequate amount rest and get good restful sleep. Leave your laptop in another room and try relaxing a bit before actually hitting the sack.

4. Hemorrhoids:

The simplest and quickest way to minimize the risk of hemorrhoids is eating fiber and drinking an adequate amount of water. One of the leading causes of hemorrhoids is constipation and this may reduce the number of outbreaks. Again exercise and dieting help to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

These four simple preventive home remedies may help you avoid the doctor and save you some cash. Nothing is better than you and your family staying healthy and happy.

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