Learn About The Positive Effects Of Stress

The positive effects of stress may not be obvious to you when life is really getting you down. Surprisingly some stress is good and can help to motivate and inspire us.

Do you ever feel so s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d by every day stresses of living that you’re at breaking point?

positive effect of stress

Don’t worry it’s perfectly natural – the only time there won’t be any stress in our lives is when we’re dead! So says Hans Seyle!

In 1956 Dr. Hans Seyle who wrote a landmark book – The Stress of Life. He was the first researcher known to have studied stress and linked it specifically illness. He also wrote about the positive effects of stress – ‘good stress’ which he called ‘eustress’. Bad stress was referred to by Dr Seyle as ‘distress’.

Perhaps you need some tips for reducing stress before reading further!

The Benefits of Stress – Yes, Really! 

I’ll bet you’re thinking there can’t possibly be any positive effects of stress? I think the greatest benefit of stress is that it absolutely compels you to take action. It is a great motivator! Without stress to motivate you, life would stagnate.

positive effect of stressHow dull life would be without a risk, a challenge or a change. Dreams would always be just that – never fulfilled, ever.

Stress can be a life saver too – the call to action that stress sends to your brain as a car speed towards you on a pedestrian is most definitely positive!

When you’re stressed you react, you take action – to finish decorating the bathroom, apply for a new job, sort out your bank account. The end result is good because you’ve achieved something! This could be a good time to consider what are the main causes of stress in your life.

Feeling Good Now?
How do you feel when you accomplished a task that’s been hanging around in the back of your mind? You feel good, up goes your self esteem, out goes depression, and you’re ready to take on the next challenge life throws at you. Another piece of the healthy lifestyle jigsaw has slotted into place!

By recognizing the good effects of being stressed you can use them to your advantage and not be fearful. Throughout life everyone experiences stress but there is a huge variation in the way we each deal with it. Age, emotional state, male or female, and how much we’ve had to deal with, all make a difference.

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