Plastic Surgery – The Modern Answer To Mother Nature!

Plastic Surgery - The Modern Answer To Mother Nature!

Plastic surgery may, in the past, have seemed like a drastic and expensive option for people who wanted to improve their appearance, change their body shape or simply look a little younger.

When many of the most common cosmetic procedures were in their infancy, long recovery times were commonplace and complications following surgery were also a fairly regular occurrence, which was off putting to many people who might otherwise have been interested in undergoing cosmetic enhancements.

But today however, if you were to actually look into plastic surgery at a website such as, and read about some of the more common procedures and methods, you would soon discover that the practice of plastic surgery is now well advanced, and can do a lot to help you to maintain a youthful & attractive appearance.

Improving your Figure with Plastic Surgery

Many people who want a slimmer figure opt for different cosmetic procedures to help them achieve their goals. Some people choose plastic surgery after weight loss. When the body loses a large amount of weight, (perhaps from an intense fitness or diet program, or following a pregnancy), particularly over a short period of time, skin can often fail to keep up, and remains stretched, leading to a saggy, loose appearance.

Procedures such as “tummy tucks” and other “lift” surgeries are designed to help get rid of excess skin, usually left over after weight loss. Some women also find that their breasts are left loose and saggy after dramatic weight loss or breast feeding, and choose breast augmentation or a beast lift to rectify this.

Of course, for people who have trouble losing weight in the first place or have stubborn areas of fat that seem to stay there no matter how much they diet and exercise, there is also the option of liposuction, which is a type of plastic surgery that is chosen fairly frequently by both men and women of all different sizes, either to dramatically reduce weight or to remove fat from problem areas.

As well as removing fat and tightening and toning skin, plastic surgery can also help you improve the shape of a part of your body you are unhappy with. Some of the more common types of enhancements are done on the breasts or buttocks, but it is becoming increasing more commonplace for people to have implants in other parts of the body, such as the calves, to give a stronger, more defined shape.

Improving your Face with Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be used to reshape facial features which you are unhappy with, such as an overly prominent nose or thin lips. Most commonly, surgery to reshape the face is done in the form of “nose jobs”, which can reshape the nose to be smaller, straighter, or just to have a different shape to it – some people even use pictures of celebrities to show their plastic surgeon how they would ideally like their nose to look.

Another commonly undertaken form of cosmetic surgery is to correct the appearance of ears which stick out too much, which is done by “pinning” the ears to the side of the head. People also regularly choose to have their lips enhanced using collagen injections, which have the effect of plumping up the tissue in the lips to give a fuller effect. Other surgery to improve the look of the mouth includes cosmetic dentistry, which is a broad term covering practices such as straightening and applying veneers to teeth, and tooth whitening.

Delay the Aging Process with Plastic Surgery

Of course, some people choose to have the procedures mentioned above to help them look younger, if for example they are finding it harder to stay slim as they age, or have found their smile isn’t as white as it used to be. There are also forms of plastic surgery specifically geared towards helping delay or reverse the effects of age on a person’s appearance.

Facelifts are one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery – even Marilyn Monroe was rumored to have had one. These involve lifting and tightening the skin to smooth out wrinkles, and can take years off of the face and neck. Specific surgery for the eye area to remove bags or sagginess under the eye or on the eyelid are also very popular, to help achieve a youthful, wide eyed appearance.

A more recent innovation, which has become enormously popular, is Botox injections. Botox can prevent wrinkles from forming by temporarily paralyzing the muscles just under the skin. Botox can be used around the eyes and mouth and on the forehead to delay the signs of ageing, however it does wear off, and so unlike with more permanent plastic surgery, such as a facelift, you will need to have regular Botox injections to maintain the effect.