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Residents recall old home remedies for cold and flu DAVE MASON, NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER November 20, Both doctors approve of some old-fashioned remedies such as gargling with salt water, avoided getting colds by keeping his head warm by always wearing a hat or baseball cap.

Natural Remedies For the Common Cold Chinwe Uduh, PharmD Candidate What is the Common Cold? Did you know that the common cold is different from the influenza virus otherwise known as the “flu”?

Chickweed cures stomach aches. Home Remedies Tea cures coughs and colds. Chicken Noodle soup cures stomach flu. Take a tablespoon of Times New Roman Default Design Folk Medicine Folk Medicine Herbs PowerPoint Presentation Home Remedies Old Fashioned Medicine Good News on

The answer is no. Home treatment for colds can be even more effective than medications, Old-fashioned cold remedies can often be made with what you already have in your pantry, try some of these simple remedies to alleviate your symptoms and shorten the duration of your cold.

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WARRIOR LIBRARIAN GUIDE TO OLD FASHIONED LIBRARY REMEDIES 1. Ever noticed that you only get paper cuts on your fingers? Many librarians have discovered that if you kick books around on the floor with your feet,

An old-fashioned manual toothbrush can clean teeth just as effectively as any electric product. Natural Home Remedies for Tartar and Plaque Following are some helpful home remedies for tartar and plaque that use

That chicken soup actually relieves cold symptoms like aches, fatigueyour child is at least 6 months old, she may enjoy some weak, lukewarm chamomile tea

We practiced an old-fashioned remedy for cold and sore throat. >> Sitting become one of my favorite home remedies which miraculously

People after they drank cold water, hot water or chicken soupsymptom relief. Many of these old-fashioned remedies show some benefits

This Flu and Cold Season: Typical cold related trendsCalifornia Self-diagnosis and good old fashioned home remedies. Whether scared of the

old medicine friends for comfort. I am left to pursue good old fashioned home remedies for my cold. I think but if I didn't pay for it, then it is likely

Again. So, I tried the natural home remedy this guy suggested and letwith it in the future. NATURAL REMEDY FOR COLDS-COUGHS- SORE THROATS