Natural Remedies to Help Prevent Miscarriages

While no one can change God’s path for our lives, there are a few natural remedies that may help prevent miscarriages. Of course, these natural remedies will not help if you are careless while pregnant and don’t heed warning signs. Always be sure to follow your doctor’s advice and use common sense to ensure the safest pregnancy possible.

Herbs and Pregnancy

While many women are lacking in vitamins and minerals, lacking these during pregnancy can cause serious problems. Herbs can contribute these essential elements the mother desperately needs before, during, and after pregnancy. Not all herbs are safe to take while pregnant. Talk to a Doctor of Natural Medicine to determine what is right for you.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry Leaf was first reported as being used in the 1500s and is still used as an herbal medicine today. Red Raspberry Leaf can be made into a tea and drank during pregnancy or taken by mouth. It is known to be one of the safest herbs to consume during pregnancy. A major concern with pregnant women is labor and delivery. Red Raspberry Leaf is known for toning pelvic muscles and the uterus. Both of these need to be in top shape during pregnancy and childbirth.

Red Raspberry Leaf is a single herb used for the female reproductive system, urinary system, uterus, female problems, PMS, pregnancy, a hormone balancer, vaginal problems, morning sickness, easing labor and delivery, afterbirth pain, and the prevention of a miscarriage.

Good Stuff Found in Red Raspberry Leaf

Some of the good stuff found in Red Raspberry Leaf are vitamins, minerals, and alkaloid. These nutrients help the mother’s blood circulation to improve, aid in baby’s bone development, in breast milk production, and ease morning sickness. According to ‘Natural Wellbeing’, Red Raspberry Leaf is an all around uterine aid for a woman’s whole life. What are some of the vitamins and minerals found in red raspberry leaf?

  • Vitamin E
  • Manganese and magnesium
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin A
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • iron

Some other herbs to consider during pregnancy: slippery elm bark, ginger root, peppermint leaf, and oats and oat straw.

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