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Moles In Lawns
Moles have only a few natural enemies. Dogs, coyotes and skunks can dig out a few and occasionally a cat, grubs, beetles and insect larvae they find in the soil. Moles have hearty appetites, consuming 60%-80% of their body weight each day. A single Japanese beetle grubs from the soil.

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They are natural and they degrade quickly in sun-light. However, home remedies for various pests. As has been em-phasized by other speakers, good soil is important water, against aphids and Japanese beetles. She sug-

Milky Spore – Kills Japanese Beetles & Grubs Of Japanese Beetles
Originally developed by the USDA, t his natural bio-control provides grub control for Japanese Beetles. One application lasts from 10-15 years.

The Herb Gardener: Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles With A …
Just a gentle reminder that you should be on the lookout for Japanese beetles in your garden around this time. Once you spot a couple, act quickly.

How Do I Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles? – WiseGEEK
If you are trying to get rid of Japanese beetles, you can do it with a variety of different methods. Chemical methods, natural methods, and traps may all be effective.
Japanese Beetles Eaten and holey flowers, fruit and foliage often with a pattern of veins left intact on foliage Varmints and Critters Remedies and Deterrents Vegetables, berries, flowers, Scared by signs/scents of their natural predators: dog hair and droppings,

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Housekeeping Remedies Fennel tea stops hunger! natural brush. Gather a few sprigs into a small, tight bunch, Tansy is also said to help keep away Japanese and cucumber beetles along with squash bugs. Ants don’t like Catnip.

4 Natural Ways To Kill Japanese BeetlesNatural Solution Today
4 Natural Ways To Kill Japanese Beetles. Make sure you like Natural Solution Today on Facebook, Not only are natural remedies cost effective and powerful but they also protect pets and other living things from exposure to harmful chemicals.

21.5” Grub Control
Japanese Beetle May/June Beetle Northern Masked Chafer Oriental Beetle Natural guard ® grub co N t rol with a May/June beetles have life cycles that last 1 to 4 years depending upon the species. Knowing what species occur in your area is critical.