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It contains information on different healing system such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, Naturopathy, Natural Remedies, Homeopathy, Greek medicine, Amazon remedies and Unani medicine.

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There are many different types of holistic systems that uses natural remedies, some of which are naturopathy in which a practitioner has to get a medical degree (ND) which is equivalent to a medical doctor, Chinese medicine is the herbal system of China which uses many different types of herbs including the use of teas and custom formulas, Ayurvedic Remedies from ancient India uses single herbs, pills, herbal jam etc.

Tibetan medicine uses pills that address many related disorders and is primarily famous due to the comprehensiveness, Homeopathic remedies makes the use of tiny white pills which dissolves when you place it under the tongue.

There are also other healing systems that uses natural remedies including Unani medicine from Persia, Greek medicine and Amazon remedies.

While there are many natural remedies in the market that claim to have a guaranteed efficacy, the truth is many are remedies that are created by companies mixing a few herbs based upon the knowledge that is readily available, there are also natural remedies in the form of single herbs that usually taken over a long period of time show side-effects, the sensible thing to do is research background of the products, the herb-balancing of formulas, clinical efficacy and ofcourse quality.

Do not be fooled by product review websites online, these are created by companies that benefit from a percentage of the sales of products. Before you take natural remedies do your research, there are remedies that act as vitamins merely covering it up, there are some which help only the first few days, there are some that may not work at all, some that can give side-effects worse than conventional medications and there are remedies that heal disorders quickly just like modern medicine.