Natural Remedies For Period Pain

The technical term for painful periods is dysmenorrhoea and it is caused by the uterus contracting. As well as severe stomach pain, some women may experience extreme tiredness, back ache, vomiting, diarrhoea and pain down the inside of the thighs.

natural remedies

The usual reaction is to reach for over the counter pain medication, but nature has her own ways of helping.


Having a healthy lifestyle tends to improve painful stomach cramps. Exercising regularly (yoga is thought to be effective), eating properly and cutting down on smoking and drinking can all help.

As well as these, resting and avoiding stressful sitautions (both easier said then done!) will help you to relax.

Do not try any of these treatments if you are trying to become pregnant or breastfeeding.

Herbal Remedies

Black Cohosh: Said to be very effective in the treatment of menstrual pain, this herb is usually taken as a tablet over a period of a few months. However, in some women it can cause upset stomachs and heavy bleeding during periods, so be careful not to exceed the recommended dose.

Raspberry Leafs: Usually drank as a tea (tea bags are generally available from health food shops), raspberry leaf provides pain relief and helps ease heavy periods.

Ginger: Extremely useful in easing cramps and nausea during menstruation, ginger root steeped in hot water and drank once or twice daily is one of the most popular remedies for period problems.

Feverfew: Can be taken by ingesting the leafs but normally taken in tablet form, feverfew is thought to be the best herbal remedy for easing hormone induced headaches. Be careful if eating the leafs as they can sting!

Yarrow: In Germany, Yarrow is an officially approved method for the treatment of period pain. It can be taken as a tablet or drank as a tea and helps to ease pain and heavy periods.

Camomile: A classic remedy for period pains, camomile tea is also effective for relaxation and is said to help induce calm (helpful at any time of the month!)

Lavender: Another classic, seems especially effective when used as a bath oil. As well as soothing pain, lavender can relive stress and smells gorgeous!

Other Methods

Acupuncture is thought to be helpful in easing all gynaecological problems, helping to unblock energy channels in the reproductive system. Always consult a qualfied practitoner.

A warm, relaxing bath is a tried and tested method of easing painful cramps and aches in the back and legs. As advised above, try adding some lavender oil or salts and maybe lighting some scented candles (obviously being careful with candles around the bath!)

Then of course, there is always the classic advie your grandmother gave you (well, the advice mine gave me!), relaxing with a hot water bottle held to your stomach works wonders as well as being cheap and convenient.

Hopefully, these remedies should be helpful. However, if symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor as this could be indicative of a more serious problem.