Natural Remedies for Cataracts

Having cataracts can be extremely debilitating, and since seeing the world is extremely important for any body, if you are suffering from this condition you want to find relief as quickly as possible. What happens when you have cataracts is your vision first become blurred and focusing on an object can be very difficult. Once this condition begins to progress you may experience double vision and even spots. And when the condition becomes serious the individual’s pupil may seem to have a grayish tint to it. Even though cataracts are extremely discomforting, there are many home remedies for cataracts, that when used regularly will give you relief from this terrible vision condition.

The first home remedy for this eye condition is to make sure that you eat ample amounts of carrots. You will want to make sure you eat more than the recommended amount of raw carrots every day. However, if you do not want to eat carrots all day, than you can supplement the carrots by drinking fresh carrot juice. You will want to consume at least two glasses of carrot juice per day. You will want to drink one glass of carrot juice in the morning and again one more glass at night.