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Home remedies for hair loss

It is common for people to lose strands of their hair especially when it is wet or when they comb it very often. Experts say that there is a need for some strands of hair to fall so these can be replaced with a new set of hair strands. The average strands should at least be a hundred. Once there is excess in this estimate, then you might be suffering from hair loss.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy

If you think you are suffering from hair loss, the best way to deal with it is to visit an expert to ensure that he or she will give proper diagnosis. People who are prone to permanent baldness caused by genes or those that are caused by skin disorders, they should consult a doctor what treatment options are available.

But for those who are experiencing temporary hair loss, they can deal with it even if they are at home. The following home remedies can be used to deal with hair lossat home:

1. The wonders of massage. 

Ancient people have proven that massage can help stop excessive hair fall because it makes the follicles of the hair stronger. Aside from that, it is also good because it aids hair growth by putting the right amount of pressure on the scalp. Usually, this is done manually. You can do it your self or you can ask somebody to massage your scalp at home. If you don’t have enough energy to do manual massage on your own scalp, you can opt for electric hair massage available in most wellness stores.

2. Hot oil treatments. 

Experts say that people who are prone to hair loss can benefit so much from hot oil treatments because these can help prevent falling hair and can cure minor scalp disorders as well. To get effective results, at least three treatments are advised weekly. You can do this at home with the use of a shower cap.

You can buy ready-to-use hot oil treatments that contain oils of several herbs such as sesame, olive, and coconut. For more relaxing hot oil treatment at home, opt for those that contain essential oils such as thyme, lavender, and others.

3. Aloe vera extracts. 

Considered as a “wonder plant” aloe vera is popular to many people—especially those living in tropical countries—as a remedy for hair loss. Depending on the degree, aloe vera can be used as a shampoo by using fresh pulp that is directly applied on the hair and scalp, as a hair tonic along with other herbs, and a drink or oral aloe juice for the body to absorb its ingredients faster.

4. Mixture of cinnamon and honey. 

Many people say that one of the effective home remedies for hair loss is the combination of cinnamon powder and honey with olive oil because these contain properties that make the scalp as well as the hair stronger. By coming up with a paste that can be applied directly to from the hair’s roots down to the scalp, people can make use of it before they use their favorite shampoo.

5. Extracts of ginger. 

A piece of ginger, once chopped and directly applied to the area of the head that has bald spots, can be an effective hair remedy for hair lossbecause it aids the healthy growth of hair follicles. Since it can be smelly, you can also use its extract that is combined with fine lead powder to get best results.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy – How Hair Grows

Possible Causes of Hair Loss in Women

For most women, hair loss is not an issue. The majority of hair loss takes place in men, and so women don’t have to worry about it. However, some women do experience hair loss, in some of the same ways as men, and also in very drastically different ways than most men.

In most women, hair loss is seen a different way and happens in different ways as well, than hair loss in men. There is no set pattern for a women’s androgenic hair loss. This is hair loss that is like male pattern baldness, and it happens, like pattern baldness, in the majority of women who lose their hair.

However, unlike the male pattern baldness, which does actually occur in a pattern, the women’s baldness does not. They can suffer from hair loss on all parts of their hair, and also in all parts of their bodies, just like men can, but it doesn’t happen in a set pattern, which makes it difficult to diagnosis in women.

However, in women, baldness can occur for many different reasons. Most of the time, with women, their hair loss is seen simply in patches. Women can experience patch baldness for the same reasons as men, which might include reasons such as stress, not eating correctly, or pulling or tugging on their hair.

However, unlike men, women have many more different hormonal changes that might also lead to their hair loss. These can include the hormonal changes from pregnancy and certain eating disorders.

In most of the cases of hair loss in women, like the hair loss in men that either happens for reasons or due to illness, most of the women’s hair lossthat happens for the above reasons will actually grow back.

There are women who experience genetic thinning and baldness however, and unlike in men, this happens in no set pattern. This makes it sometimes difficult to discern whether a woman is losing her hair due to the above reasons, or if it is genetic.

If it is a genetic hair loss, like that in men, it is something that a woman can do nothing about, besides try to treat it using the same things that men do to treat their own hair loss. It is usually going to be something that they can’t fix, and there is not cure for pattern baldness, whether it is in a man or a woman.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy: So Many Treatments, So Little Hair

“Homemade Remedy for damaged hair growth care”

Natural Hair Loss Remedy

Homemade Recipes For Dry Hair 

Many women struggle with dry, hard to manage hair. This can be cause naturally by genetics or improper care such as using harsh chemicals (relaxers, color) or by hot styling products (blow dryer, heat iron). The good news is that some beauty recipes can help restore or re-hydrate your hair leaving it softer and shinier than ever.

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“Homemade Shampoo Recipes” 

Manufacturers are constantly using toxic chemicals in their skin and hair products and disregard their toxic effects on your body.

This is easily seen in the list of chemicals that they use. Here are a few of these chemicals found in many product labels:

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“Natural Remedies for Hair Loss” 

There is again no sure-fire way to prevent all hair loss; however, there are some methods that have been used that work on some people.

Massage and aromatherapy have been used with some success. In minor cases of temporary hair loss, hair growth can be stimulated by massage, since blood and oxygen flow to the scalp must be healthy in order for hair to grow.

A blend of six drops each of lavender and bay essential oils in a base of four ounces of either almond, soybean or sesame oil massaged into the scalp and allowed to sit for 20 minutes has been used by aroma therapists to stimulate the scalp.

Once the mixture is in the scalp for 20 minutes, wash your hair and scalp with your normal shampoo mixed with three drops of bay essential oil. Massaging the scalp in general for a couple of minutes a day can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and in mild cases stimulate some hair growth.

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Natural Hair Loss Remedy – Common Causes of Hair Loss 

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