I’ve Tried Everything to Break my Addictions but I JUST CAN’T STOP!

A little known truth about massage is that it is very good when one is working toward breaking addictions.

Whether it’s food, alcohol, relationships, smoking, drugs… massage can help.

There are many reasons the benefits of massage includes breaking addictions.

Often, people turn to their addictions when they are under some sort of emotional duress. Anger, fear, depression, or stress are some of the uncomfortable emotions is often a trigger in “falling off the wagon” when one is attempting recovery.

Sometimes the source of the stress comes from day-to-day life (divorce, moving, finances, loss of loved one).

However, often the stress is simply a factor in the process of letting go of the addictive behavior. This stress lessens over time, but in the beginning the mere act of giving up the addition and the void it creates, can be the trigger for the relapse.

This is where massage can help. It is well known that massage induces a relaxed state in the receiver. If there is a constant sense of stress in the ex-addict’s life and the way the addict used to deal with stress is no longer an option. Massage is a healthy and effective alternative to engaging in the addiction.

Lets say someone wanted to give up cigarettes. After three days without a cigarette, the person will most likely be at the height of her discomfort. If she goes for a massage at that point, the massage will benefit her by…

1. Relax her muscles, tension and stress in the body, mind and emotions…

2. Induce her to release endorphins which is the “feel-good” chemical of the body that helps people feel happy, and they are safe, so they are an excellent substitute for the endorphin-rush that engaging in the addiction used to provide…

3. Massage helps detox the body. On the third day of quitting cigarettes, the nicotine is still in the body and massage can help the body rid itself of these toxic chemicals.

4. Massage improves circulation, which is often a problem for smokers. It oxygenates the body and this can be beneficial to someone who is limited in their oxygen intake from the smoking.

5. It is a distraction from the addiction, and sometimes that’s all one needs.


Often an effective way to deal with addictions is to distract oneself from the addiction. Even if it is for a short time. A good way to do this is to go for a walk, call someone and talk about anything BESIDES THE ADDICTION, watch a movie, etc.

Massage is an especially good choice, however, because of all the health benefits it provides.

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