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Welcome to our natural cures lifetime health fitness & exercise directory. It’s a well known fact of life that the majority of us need to follow an exercise program, in order to remain healthy.

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Below, you’ll find several good reasons why you should start exercising now…..we hope you enjoy the articles, and would as always welcome your feedback.

1. Contributes to fat loss

It is well proven from scientific research all over the world that physical exercise contributes to weight loss. If you burn more calories than you consume through nutrition, you’ll lose weight. When you exercise, you burn more calories than when youdon’t. It’s really simple – the more you exercise, the more weight or fat you’ll lose.

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2. Prevent disease

The chances of developing several various diseases has been proven to decrease when exercising. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes. Around 4 out of 5 deaths caused by heart disease and cancer, are linked to factors that include stress and lack of exercise.

We all know that diabetes increases the chance for heart attacks and strokes. What this shows, is that many of the risk factors and diseases caused by not exercising are working in conjunction to damage your health. To prevent this from happening, start exercising.

3. Improving disease

Many severe and minor diseases can be improved or even healed through regular exercise. These even include the diseases listed above. By following a regular plan, you can also decrease HDL cholesterol levels, decrease triglyceride levels, and decrease your blood pressure as well.

Exercising on a regular basis will also reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men, breast and uterine cancer for women, and much more. All of this is scientifically proven, which is why you should start exercising today!.

4. Enhance your state of mind

Everyone knows from the many scientific studies that regular exercising will lead to an increased release of endorphins in the body. These chemicals will fight depression and make you feel happy. The body releases these endorphins only 12 minutes into the workout. There is another chemical known as serotonin that is increased during and after a workout.

The increased levels of serotonin in the central nervous system is associated with feelings of well being and decreased mental depression. The chemical can also help you sleep better at night.

5. Enhance your wellness

When you are in great shape and well fit, you’ll have more energy and you’ll notice that your overall mood is improved. You will have experienced that you can stretch beyond your own limits and you know that you can do more than you thought possible.

6. Persistence

Exercising regularly will give you more energy, which can help you be more productive at home and at work. Exercising can help give your new goals a sense of purpose and give you something to focus on and aim for. This can help you increase your persistence and prevent you from going off track while you aim for your goal.

7. Social capabilities

After a workout on a regular basis you can boost your self esteem. This can help you look better and you’ll be more comfortable as well. Exercise will also help you to become more active and meet new people, which will prevent you from feelingisolated and unsupported. Exercise will also increase your interests in sex, and can help you to improve your marriage or your partner relationship.

8. Potential Tax Credit

That’s right, there are a lot of talk, especially in Canada, about possibly extending a tax credit to physically active adults. There is already a credit in place for children who are active, and now there is talk of that credit reaching adults. Therefore, when filing your taxes via Canada tax software, or a professional, make sure you keep this in mind. Pretty soon, exercising will have more than just physical benefits, possible offering fiscal benefits as well.

After knowing all of these tips and reasons to exercise, you shouldn’t hesitate to get out there and exercise. You can exercise at home or go out there and join a gym. There are several different ways that you can exercise, all you have to do is select a few that you like.

Take a little bit of time out of your day and start exercising – you’ll feel better than ever before and your body will thank you.Here’s a list of Top 5 Running Health Benefits that you might also find useful.

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“Diet and Exercise for Health”
Diet and exercise plus a little education can help you become and stay healthy. Don’t live your life so that medical professionals and drugs are needed to fix you once you’re broken.

“Choosing The Right Exercise For You” 
If you choose something that you don’t like to do, you aren’t going to keep doing it for a long period of time.

“Making Exercise More Fun” 
Nothing beats waking up in the morning with the thought of going to the gym to lift weights or jog on the treadmill.

“Exercising Properly” 
There are two main types of exercise that you can do – aerobic and anaerobic. The first one, aerobic, means with oxygen. Aerobic type exercise has an important distinction, it burns fat as the main fuel.

“Exercise And Stress” 
Participating in daily exercisewill not only make you healthier in general, but it can also diminish the effects of stress on your body as well.

“Lifetime Fitness Routines – Exercise Basics” 
With all the exercise and nutrition hype around these days, how do you know what is correct and what isn’t? The intentions of this article are to help you identify factual and effective information regarding current fitness trends.

“Exercise And Sleeping Better” 
The amount of physical exercise that you exert during the day is one of the key ingredients to helping you get a good sleep at night.

“Cardio Exercise” 
Everyone has wondered at some point in time which cardio exercise is better. To put it in simple terms, both low and high intensity exercises will help you to burn off body fat.

“Eating And Exercise” 
Anytime you exercise, you do so in order to try and maintain good health. You also know that you have to eat as well, so your body will have the energy it needs to exercise and maintain for the everyday tasks of life.

“Children And Exercise” 
If you have a child of 6 to 8 years old that wants to start exercising and lifting weights, you may find yourself wondering what you should do.

“Exercise And Play” 
Often times, when children return from playing, they look quite exhausted and ready for a nap. This is the most accurate description, and also quite thetruth, as playing is hard work. It’s exhausting to the mind and body of the child, and it plays an important role in helping them to become productive and healthy.

“Exercise And Asthma” 
Contrary to what many think of this subject, there are ways that you can get in shape and exercise, even if you suffer from asthma.

“Quit Smoking With Exercise” 
When you decide to stop smoking, you’ll bring on other changes in your life as well. Smoking is a very addictive habit, meaning that it is very hard to quit.

“Exercise For Diabetics” 
The Type 1 diabetes, which is also known as adolescent diabetes, differs from Type 2 in the sense that the body will stop producing insulin altogether.

“Exercising During Pregnancy” 
Normally, exercise should be light, especially during your first few weeksof pregnancy while your body adjusts to the changes.

lifetime health fitness exercise

“Water And Exercise” 
The human body is made up of over 75% of water, and as we all know, we cannot live without water.

“Exercise And Your Complexion” 
Whatyou probably don’t know, is the fact that exercise can actually help you achieve the complexion that you’ve always wanted.

“Exercise As Power Source” 
Life is very hectic and busy, which will create a serious challenge for remaining consistent with exercise each day.

“Exercise At Home Or Gym” 
Once you have made a decision on where you will go to exercise, you can move on to deciding how you plan to work out.

“Exercise Back Pain Away” 
According to past research and studies, nearly 80% of all Americans will experience some type of back pain in their lives.

“Alcohol And Exercise” 
On Friday afternoon after you leave work, you probably think about going out and having a few drinks with friends to relax and wind down.

“Buying An All In One System” 
These days, more and more people are turning away from memberships to gyms and instead choosing to invest money in a home gym.

“Exercise Balls” 
Exercise balls are one of the most innovative ways to exercise. These little balls will catch every one’s fancy due to their shape and very attractive colours.

“Exercise And Harm” 
Anytime you exercise, your brain releases chemicals known as endorphins that produce a feeling of euphoria, which is known as “runners high”, which is also veryeasy to become chemically addicted to.

“Exercise Bikes” 
Once you have made the decision of which type of bike you want, check out the reviews that are available in bike magazines and also on the internet.

“Free Weights VS Machine exercise” 
Something you need to keep in mind and never forget is that when you exercise, you are training for life. You still may spend an hour a day in the gym, although that will still leave another 23 hours or so for your muscles to function without using any fancy equipment.

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