Natural Cures Health Article | Are Migraines Killing You?

Calling a migraine a headache is akin to calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground. Migraines are the mother of all headaches. They are accompanied by sensitivity to light and sounds as well as nausea and occasionally vomiting. Rather than a slow onset like a normal tension or stress headaches, migraines can come without warning and can be cripplingly painful. For people with chronic migraines, life can be interrupted by frequent onsets. Fortunately, there are numerous home remedies which may have some helpful and much needed relief for people suffering from migraines.

A good first step is to know what triggers your migraines. There are some food items that have been identified as triggers for migraines. Since certain foods are a big cause for migraines for many people, migraine relief alternatives that anyone can use are usually welcome. First, NutraSweet, an artificial sweetener, has been identified as a major cause for migraines. Aspartame has been singled out as a migraine trigger, but not other artificial sweeteners – this makes NutraSweet one big example of something that you need to cut out of your diet if you currently consume it. Other foods such as chocolate and red wine contain tyramine, which is also known to cause migraine onsets.

Some doctors believe that migraines may be brought on by a lack of certain nutrients. One migraine relief alternative to medicine is magnesium. Dark and leafy greens as well as many fruits and nuts contain sufficient supplies of magnesium. Another migraine relief alternative is a feverfew. Feverfew is a flower which is cultivated all over the world. Research has shown that people who consume feverfew have less frequent and less intense migraines than those who do not. Feverfew has been used for centuries, but may have allergic side effects for some, so care should be taken.

One of the most proven methods for helping with migraines is simple physical activity. The increased blood flow of a person who is participating in cardiovascular activities is believed to effectively combat migraines. Another migraine relief alternative is related to exercise, although it may not be clear at first. Exercise can release endorphins in the brain and help a person relax. Relaxing and taking time to calm down after a stressful day can be a major migraine relief alternative.

While many people are comfortable taking medication for their migraines, others are looking for migraine relief alternatives which do not involve medications. Others who want home remedies for migraines may find relieve in feverfew or magnesium. While these methods have been studied for years and are believed to be very effective, a person should experiment to find what works best for them. Since these migraine relief alternatives are all natural, there are no unwanted side effects.