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Have your own “Free Daily Motivation” collection of 365+ ONLINE daily Inspirational Quotes, motivation tips & self improvement articles – for every day of the year! Download your Free Daily Motivation Book right here.

70 Healthy Recipes for your daily meal ideas.
“Healthy Recipes” free Cookbook sampler:

“Making the Case for Vegetarian Lifestyle” outlines the benefits and reasons to support adopting this healthy change in your diet.
“Making the Case for Vegetarian Lifestyle”

“Panic Attacks do not Harm you” Basic self help strategies to help you deal with Anxiety and Panic attacks to empower yourself.
“Panic Attacks do not Harm you”

“Ten Ways You Can Be Happier…….. Right Now” by Dr. Cliff Kuhn, excerpt from “THE FUN FACTOR” self help Happiness ebook.

“Carbohydrate Counter & Calorie Counter” self help book for healthy eating & weight management.

Get your free copy of Lifetime Sleep Cycles with sleep aid tips for all ages and a Bonus Section on how to prevent kids sleep problems as well. “Sleep Cycles” Free self help Book.

“Personal Health Guide” Pocketbook with links to medical advice self help books “Health Guide Pocketbook”.

“Stop Thinking Diet” free self help ebook for simple weight loss “Stop Thinking Diet” self help ebook for weight loss.

“Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips” for simple weight loss by 1001 Beauty “Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips” self help ebook for weight loss.

“Nutrition: Medicine of the Future” ,ebook by Peter Shepherd.

“Good Karma” a simple presentation of Beliefs said to be from the Dalai Lama “Good Karma”

“365 Daily Success Quotes” Inspiring self help e-book – a Power Pack of Quotes for every day of the week. “365 Daily Success Quotes”

This free E-book can also be loaded onto your desktop for quick daily calendar reference to this day’s inspiration.

Thoughtful gift to surprise a friend or colleague with and brighten their day!

“365 Daily Success Quotes” one of our free e-books to have and to share with friends.

“500+ Famous Quotes” self help book to motivate and inspire every day.