Natural Cures for Scabies, Home Remedies that Work

Scabies (also known as the itch) is a skin disease which is caused by a mite. Without having host of a human body a mite cannot live for more than 2-3 days but living on the human it can survive up to a month. Living on a human skin it also lays eggs which further hatch and grow into adult mites. We can say that if anyone is attacked by scabies then this condition may last for even years.

The rash is extremely itchy which are caused by scabies and sometimes it is also known as “the seven-year itch”. Sometimes it is very hard to diagnose scabies. Though it is contagious it may spread from person to person by close contact. Mites are also caused in animal but when animal mites are transferred from animal to human it dies within a few days as it cannot reproduce.

Scabies spreads easily and widely in the congested areas like hospitals and nursing homes. It affects the people of every class irrespective of their age, gender, social class or even habits of personal hygiene. But commonly it is found in the sexual partners and also among the household members. Due to scabies a syndrome is caused which result into scaly rash and skin thickening. This syndrome is known by the name of Norwegian scabies or crusted scabies. The treatment of lice and the scabies are same although they don’t have any relation among them.

Some natural cures for scabies are –

1. Make a solution by mixing 90 ml of distilled witch hazel and 10 ml of tea tree oil. Apply this solution after a bath or shower. It is an effective lotion for scabies.

2. Make a solution by mixing alcohol and pure lavender oil and apply it on the affected area. Apply enough mixture so that it penetrates and saturates the skin. Many individuals got success in this method by killing the mites and their eggs.

3. Neem oil is extracted from the plant called Azadirachta indica and it is a botanical pesticide. Neem oil is used in different process to cure scabies. Take 100 ml of neem oil and apply directly before bathing. Combine 50 grams of neem oil and mixed it with turmeric to create an antiseptic cream. When this cream is applied it gives relief from the discomfort.

4. Itching of the scabies is reduced after soaking and bathing is done with cool water. You may apply wet wash cloth over the irritated skin. Read useful Home Remedies for Scabies.