Natural Cures For Pregnancy Insomnia

During the third trimester of your pregnancy, you have plenty to worry about, the bits you may need to buy ready for your new arrival, safe guarding your home and preparing yourself for the birth.

One thing that causes many women stress is pregnancy insomnia.This is a worry that we can do without on top of everything else a pregnant woman has to deal with!

Whilst insomnia is pretty common for pregnant women, it still doesn’t ease the pressure and the tension that not getting enough sleep can cause.

So, what causes pregnancy insomnia in expectant women?

It is reported that around 75% of pregnant women suffer from this sleep disorder and there are several main causes. I am sure you are all aware that your hormones are everywhere, I know most pregnant women walk around apologizing for their mood swings, but this can also have an effect on your sleeping pattern.

In addition to this, the fear and anxiety of actually having the child may play a significant role in sleep deprivation as well as all of those aches and pains that taunt us throughout the final trimester.

Most pregnant women try to take as little medication as possible, meaning that natural sleep aid remedies for insomnia are extremely important to pregnant women.

The starting point for handling your insomnia whilst pregnant is to try to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible once you have gone to bed, by doing this your body will know that it is time to sleep. Get ready for bed by taking a relaxing bath with aromatherapy oils like one scented with lavender which will allow you to relax.

If you find that you can’t sleep whilst in bed, try getting up. Laying there worrying that you aren’t sleeping will not help you drift off.

Busy yourself by reading, taking a walk or just potter about the house. This should take your mind off of the fact that you are struggling to sleep and will allow you to get a good night’s sleep when you do go back to bed.

As Helene Malmsio suggests, “Try to work out what your ‘window of opportunity” is in your sleep cycle, so that you can just slip in between the sheets just as your natural sleep cycle is coming around. They can be anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours apart, so timing is important for the optimum time to settle down for sleep.”

When you go back to bed, if your mind is still full of worry and this is preventing you from getting to sleep, try listening to something soothing. Many people find that white noise aids them to a restful night’s sleep, I personally prefer an audio book, but find something that allows your mind to wander and helps you to sleep.

If none of these natural sleep aid remedies are helping your pregnancy insomnia to reduce, you may wish to visit your local health store, on their shelves there are many different types of herbal remedies for insomnia, but be careful.

Although most of them will be fine, always consult your doctor first as some, although stating they are ‘safe for pregnant women’ may not always be suitable for you.

Remember that any concerns that you may have about your pregnancy, including that of pregnancy insomnia, your doctor is there to help reassure and solve any niggles or issues you will have.

Although you may be tempted to resort to medication to aid your sleeping, ensure that any medication is not going to have an adverse effect on you or your child. Usually, these tried and tested natural sleep aid insomnia cure remedies ease the pressure and allow you to re-establish your sleeping pattern.

Source: by Helene Malmsio from the Sleep Aid Tips website

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